Eurovision Young Musicians 2010

Eurovision Young Musicians 2010
Semi-final 1 8 May 2010
Semi-final 2 9 May 2010
Final 14 May 2010
Venue Rathausplatz, Vienna, Austria
Presenter(s) Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz
Conductor Cornelius Meister
Director Heidelinde Haschek
Executive supervisor Tal Barnea
Host broadcaster Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF)
Number of entries 15 (7 qualified)
Debuting countries  Belarus
Returning countries  Czech Republic
Withdrawing countries  Finland
Voting system Each juror awarded a mark from 1–10 to each performer
Winning song  Slovenia
Eva Nina Kozmus
Eurovision Young Musicians
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The Eurovision Young Musicians 2010 was the fifthteenth edition of the Eurovision Young Musicians, held at the Rathausplatz in Vienna, Austria on 14 May 2010.[1] Organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and host broadcaster Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), musicians from seven countries participated in the televised final. This was the third time that the competition was held on a open air stage and was the beginning of the annual Vienna Festival. Austria and broadcaster ORF previously hosted the contest in 1990, 1998, 2006 and 2008.[1]

A total of fifteen countries took part in the competition therefore a semi-final was held at the ORF Funkhaus Wien studios on 8 and 9 May 2010. All participants performed a classical piece of their choice accompanied by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Cornelius Meister.[1] Belarus made their début while Czech Republic returned. Three countries withdrew to the contest, they were Finland, Serbia and Ukraine.[1]

Eva Nina Kozmus of Slovenia won the contest, with Norway and Russia placing second and third respectively.[2]


For more details on the host venue, see Rathaus, Vienna.
Rathausplatz, Vienna. Host location of the Eurovision Young Musicians 2010 final.

Rathausplatz, a square outside the Wiener Rathaus city hall of Vienna, was the host location for the 2010 edition of the Eurovision Young Musicians final. The ORF Funkhaus Wien studios in Vienna, Austria, hosted the semi-final round.[1]


Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz was the host of the 2010 contest.[1]



A total of fifteen countries took part in the semi-final round of the 2010 contest, of which seven qualified to the televised grand final.[1]

Country Performer Instrument Result
 Austria Marie-Christine Klettner[3] Violin Failed to qualify
 Belarus Ivan Karizna[4] Cello Qualified
 Croatia Filip Merčep[5] Percussions Qualified
 Cyprus Lambis Paulou[6] Piano Failed to qualify
 Czech Republic Lukáš Dittrich[7] Clarinet Failed to qualify
 Germany Hayrapet Arakelyan[8] Saxophone Qualified
 Greece Konstantin Destounis[9] Piano Failed to qualify
 Netherlands Dana Zemtsov[10] Viola Failed to qualify
 Norway Guro Kleven Hagen[11] Violin Qualified
 Poland Bartosz Głowacki[12] Accordion Qualified
 Romania Stefan Cazacu[13] Cello Failed to qualify
 Russia Daniil Trifonov[14] Piano Qualified
 Slovenia Eva Nina Kozmus[15] Flute Qualified
 Sweden Mattias Hanskov Palm[16] Double bass Failed to qualify
 United Kingdom Peter Moore[17] Trombone Failed to qualify


Awards were given to the top three countries. The table below highlights these using gold, silver, and bronze. The placing results of the remaining participants is unknown and never made public by the European Broadcasting Union.

Draw Country Performer Instrument Piece Result[18]
01  Croatia Filip Merčep[19] Percussions Concerto for Marimba & String Orchestra, 2nd mvt by Emmanuel Sejourne -
02  Norway Guro Kleven Hagen[20] Violin Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-Major, 3rd mvt by Peter Tchaikovsky 2
03  Poland Bartosz Głowacki[21] Accordion Concerto "Classico" for Accordion and Orchestra by Mikolaj Majkusiak -
04  Germany Hayrapet Arakelyan[22] Saxophone Fantaisie Brilliante by Francois Borne -
05  Belarus Ivan Karizna[23] Cello Concerto in C Major for Cello and Orchestra, 3rd mvt by Joseph Haydn -
06  Slovenia Eva Nina Kozmus[24] Flute Concerto for flute, III. mov. Allegro scherzando by Jacques Ibert 1
07  Russia Daniil Trifonov[25] Piano Grande Polonaise Brillante by Frédéric Chopin 3


The jury members consisted of the following:[1]



  •  Hungary – Peter Eötvös (head)
  •  Austria – Werner Hink
  •  Brazil – Cristina Ortiz
  •  United Kingdom – Ben Pateman
  •  Russia – Alexei Ogrintchouk

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