Ethan Nicolle

Ethan Nicolle

Nicolle in June 2011
Born Ethan Nicolle
Pen name Eef
Occupation artist, illustrator, writer
Nationality American
Period 1995–
Genre Comic books
Notable works Chumble Spuzz
Axe Cop

Ethan Nicolle is an American comic book creator, artist, and writer. He created the Slave Labor Graphics comic Chumble Spuzz which has been released as two graphic novels so far. He also worked with his younger brother, Malachai, to create Axe Cop.


During the spring of 1995, Nicolle started his comics career as the staff cartoonist on The Barker at North Bend High School in North Bend, Oregon.

Nicolle was honored as the special guest Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco on November 1, 2008.[1]

Nicolle was also the bass player and lead singer for the now defunct band Lunaractive. After releasing two EPs, Intergalactic Samurai and Synthesis, and one album, Today for Tomorrow, the band broke up in 2007 and Ethan has since been doing comics full-time.

His latest endeavor, Bearmageddon, can be found at


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