Eric Booker

Eric Booker

Personal information
Born 1969 (age 4647)
Sport competitive eating
Updated on 11 May 2015.

Eric "Badlands" Booker (born c. 1969), was born in Jamaica, Queens and is an American hip hop artist and record-holding competitive eater.

Competitive eating career

Booker trains for competitions by trying to stretch his stomach and develop jaw strength. He eats large amounts of fruit and vegetables and drinks a gallon of water in a sitting in order to stretch his stomach, and chews over twenty pieces of gum at a time to build jaw strength.[1] He maintains that competitive eating is a healthy sport, and has lost weight since he began competing.[2] He is presently ranked 10th by the IFOCE. Some of Booker's accomplishments include:


Outside of competitive eating, Booker is an aspiring independent hip-hop recording artist. Badland has released multiple albums for Hungry and Focused to Extended Play and is still coming out with new songs. He works full-time as a conductor on the Number 7 Subway Train in New York City. Booker has appeared on the television series Wife Swap and Last Call with Carson Daly, where he served as announcer and "Eater in Residence."


Booker lives with his wife, Regina and son, Brandon on Long Island.

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