Elektrozorn Vol. 1

Elektrozorn Vol. 1
Compilation album by Various Artists
Released January 31, 2014
Genre Industrial, EBM
Length 78:50
Label Artificial Sun

Elektrozorn Vol. 1 is a 2014 promo Industrial/EBM compilation album of exclusive and never-released before[1] music by various artists special for Russian subcultural "Bunker" magazine.

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Hell-as Imperial"  Nano Infect feat. PreEmptive Strike 0.1 05:48
2. "Adios, Puta! (Dn't-stp-me-btch Remix By D.T.F.N.)"  Encono 03:46
3. "Hell As Phoenix Rises (Type V Blood Remix)"  Hydra Division V 04:37
4. "Insane Club (Elektrozorn Version)"  Emotion For Rent feat. Daria Konst 03:42
5. "Out Of Control (Technolorgy Remix)"  Chamaeleon 03:38
6. "Our Dark Rise (Sadiztik Injektion Terror Body Mix)"  C-Lekktor 06:18
7. "Endless Agony (Elektrozorn Version)"  Distorted World 05:20
8. "Грязь Земли"  Otto Dix 04:24
9. "Resistance"  Electric Resistance 05:04
10. "Fuer Einen Augenblick (Live In Belgium)"  Die Krupps 05:04
11. "Worauf Wartest Du Denn (Elektrozorn Version)"  DBS 04:05
12. "Mummies And Music Boxes (Electric Resistance Remix)"  Pittersplatter 03:31
13. "The Portal"  Cryo 06:15
14. "Испей меня (Shamaniac ReVision Remix)"  DreamVeil 03:07
15. "We Came To Party (GreeNOX Remix)"  T3RR0R 3RR0R 03:04
16. "Квітка забуття (Elektrozorn Version)"  AndrosLand 03:14
17. "Mechanical Man"  Ultimate Soldier 04:15
18. "Eternity (Elektrozorn Version)"  Albert Pak 04:10
Total length:

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