Edelsa also Edelsa Grupo Didascalia S.A. is a Spanish language publisher of textbooks and materials for language teaching and studying especially of Spanish as a foreign language.


Edelsa was found in 1986 and from the beginning the published books for students of French language as a foreign language. In 1988 they bought Edi 6 publishers with their series called: "Español como Lengua Extranjera (E/L.E.)". Since this time Edelsa is more focused for Spanish textbooks, dictionaries, grammares and other related books. In 1995 Edelsa was bought by French Hachette-Livre publishers from Lagardère group. At this time Edelsa is one of the biggest publishers on the field of Spanish teaching materials of Spanish as a foreign language. Other important publishers on the field are SGEL, DIFUSIÓN, EDICIONES SM and SANTILLANA.




(Spanish) Edelsa

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