EcoTalk is a radio show on the Air America Radio network, hosted by Betsy Rosenberg. Rosenberg is a long-time radio journalist (she spent much of her career with CBS Radio, specifically the "environmental issues" reporter for CBS's San Francisco station KCBS-AM) who has focused on environmental issues for the past eight years. From her work many Americans have started to learn about environmental issues facing America and the world today. The radio show also hosts MP3 recordings as well.

The show previously aired Saturdays on some Air America affiliates from 12PM - 1PM ET; in the fall of 2006 it was expanded to a weeknight program, airing from 9PM - 10PM ET. Rosenberg removed EcoTalk from Air America's weekday schedule in May 2007 during the network's restructuring, and is currently seeking to re-launch EcoTalk nationally on other networks and mediums.

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