Duende (Delerium song)

Single by Delerium
from the album Karma
Released September 23, 1997
Format 12", CD
Genre Electronic, Ambient
Length 5:23 (Album Version)
3:39 (Radio Edit)
Label Nettwerk
Writer(s) Bill Leeb
Rhys Fulber
Camille Henderson
Producer(s) Delerium
Delerium chronology
"Euphoria (Firefly)"

"Duende" is the second single from Delerium's album Karma featuring singer Camille Henderson. The single wasn't included on Delerium's Best Of collection.

The chants in the song were sampled from the album Heart of the Forest performed by The Baka Forest Pygmies and from the CD Ritual Music of the Kayapo-Xirin, Brazil.[1]

Remixes were done by Emily and Dreamlogic.

A video of the song was made and directed by William Morrison.

Track listing

Cd-Maxi - 1997
  1. "Duende (Album Mix - Edit Version) " - 3:59
  2. "Duende (Bleak Desolation Mix) " - 7:54
  3. "Duende (Spiritual Collapse Mix)" - 8:24
Vinyl - 1997
  1. "Duende (Bleak Desolation Mix) " - 7:54
  2. "Duende (Bleak Desolation Dub) " - 6:45
  3. "Duende (Spiritual Collapse Mix)" - 8:24
  4. "Duende (Album Mix - Edit Version) " - 3:59


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