Drug Scenes

Drug Scenes (original French title Scénarios sur la drogue, also titled Drugs!) is an omnibus film (2000) of 24 French short films depicting drug abuse. Varying in length from three to seven minutes, they showed in movie theaters before feature films.

Directors included Georges Lautner, Etienne Chatiliez, Emmanuelle Bercot, Santiago Otheguy, Diane Bertrand, Jean Bocheux, Laurent Bouhnik, and Manuel Boursinhac.

Actors include Sylvie Testud, Chiara Mastroianni, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Nathalie Richard, Manuel Blanc, Claude Jade, Pierre Richard, Éva Darlan, Lou Doillon, Michèle Garcia and Mathieu Delarive.

Scriptwriters included Eric Ellena.

Title Director Idea Cast Plot Length (in min)
Avalanche Jean-Christophe Pagnac Jean-René Dard Lou Doillon, Vincent Darré, Francis Renaud A pair believes they have their drugs under control. 4'15
Le bistrot Georges Lautner Benoît Roux Jacques Martial, Philippe Carta, Jacky Delory In the morning at a bar in Nice sits a young man alone at his table.. 4'58
Cake Jean-Louis Tribes Aurore Patris Sophie Mounicot, Nathalie Jolie One child gets the drugs store of his father and bakes so that a "Brownie".. 4'41
C'est presque terrible Lionel Mougin Marc Picavez Milo Brutillot, Michel Chays, Gilberte Boucard Two farmers from Jura discuss in the kitchen with a glass of wine. 6'10
Chienne de vie Henri-Paul Korchia Soraya Ben Mouffok Bernard Azimuth, Audrey Bonnefoy, Christian Crevillent, Frédéric Paquier A woman is admonished by her physician to smoke no more cannabis and hen turns the tables around. 4'09
Déçue Isabelle Dinelli Soraya Ben Mouffok Éva Darlan, Valérie Benguigui, Laure Killing, Julien Peny A mother discoveres in the cluttered room of her son a cannabis joint and tried this out with her friend. 4'45
Dernière année Fred Journet
Bernard Schoukroun
Jérôme Benoît Laura Favali, Alicia Sportiello, Docteur Meynial, Michel Bonjour, Jacques Sandrars Fictitious documentary about a medical student who supplied a dormitory with amphetamines and tranquilizers. 5'09
Drugstore Marion Vernoux Eric Ellena Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Chloé Mons, Marco Cherqui, Frédérique Revuz, Franck Demules In a shop where each drug is available, a decision unwilling customer draws up the wrath of the seller. 4'54
Ecsta-ordinaire Manuel Boursinhac Robin Gairaud Amandine Chauveau, Lorànt Deutsch, Rudi Rosenberg, Pierre Kaldfate A young couple meets one evening. To impress his girlfriend, the boy brings something extraordinary. 5'05
La famille médicament Étienne Chatiliez Hervé Perouze Nathalie Richard, Marvyn Pautasso, Hugo Naccache, Jonathan Reyes, Morgan Simon To get away from her daily routine with her four children, a young mother starts a drug consumption. 4'25
La faute au vent Emmanuelle Bercot Nadége Rolland Chiara Mastroianni, Jean-François Xavier Vlimant, Yves Verhoeven A young, drug-addicted mother meets with her toddler her dealer who wants to sell her because of their financial problems for free. 6'40
Hier, tu m'as dit demain Vincent Perez François Leray Mathieu Delarive, Gisèle Calmy-Guyot, Frédérique Bauer Having no money for drugs, a man decides to rob an elderly woman.. 4'50
Jour de manque Jean-Teddy Filippe David Bouttin Tara Römer, Manuel Bonnet, Henri Schmitt, Claude Vallère A lad, suffering from withdrawal symptoms, tries to borrow money from his grandparents. 4'31
Journée ordinaire Françoise Huguier Nathalie Behague Yannick Soulier A young drug addict tries to fight again his addiction and to defeat it within 24 days in jail. 4'20
Kino Alain Beigel Valdo Dos Santos Abdel Allouach, Philippe Frécon, Jean-Michel Marnet, Marc Rubes, Alain Vinot In a boxing match one of the two opponents is under the influence of drugs. 4'00
Lucie Guillaume Nicloux Sébastien Roch Sylvie Testud, Anne Charrier, Yves Verhoeven, Juliette Meyniac, Julie Messéan, Nicolas Simon A young girl has been invited to a party. Before she leaves the house, she sits still a shot. 4'17
Les mots attendront Franck Chiche Béatrice Guéret Caroline Mouton, Pierre Richard, Alexandra Youanovitch, Carine Schraub, Marie Le Cam In a bus rampaging students encounter a wavering man. 5'25
Papa was a Rolling Stone Jean Bocheux Nadjeda Mohamed, Hassima Belkacem, Naïma Righi Jérémie Lippmann, Jean-Louis Tribes, Morgane Keo Kasal A father accuses his son to take ecstasy, which he found in one of his jacket pockets. 4'29
La purée Seb Lelouch
Simon Lelouch
Lelia Fremovici Darry Cowl, Sophie Hardy, Aurélien Wiik A young guy arrives at his grandparents to eat, but he must send them a worrying message. 5'53
Quand j'étais petit Arnaud Sélignac Gilles Romele Antoine du Merle, Michèle Garcia, Pascal Daubias, Julie Urtado-Guiraud Surrealistic film about drug seen with the eyes of a child. 4'10
La rampe Santiago Otheguy Stéphane Olijnyki Claude Jade, Jean Allain, Hugo Mayer, Cécile Bodis, Marianne Liechty As the elevator is manned, a middle-aged elegant woman must take the stairs under the gaze of their neighbors. What's her secret? 5'54
Speed ball Laurent Bouhnik Sandra Stadeli Manuel Blanc, Enrico Mattaroccia, Jean-Pierre Jacovella, Alexandre Pottier, Franck Gourlat Under the load, always wanting to be the best, an employee of an aircraft manufacturer engages to cocaine . 6'10
T'en as Antoine de Caunes Jacques Dangoin Alexis Smolen, Carmel O'Driscoll, Enrico Mattaroccia, Anne Fassio, Vincent Lecoeur A dealer meets with his customers. 3'11
Tube du jour Diane Bertrand Monelle Baude Arianne Mallet, Laurence Côte, Clio Lellouche A little girl suffers from loneliness and need to take care of her mother at the same time. 4'09

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