Dried Blood

Dried Blood
EP by :wumpscut:
Released August 1, 1994
Recorded 1994
Genre Industrial
Length 19:57
Label Ant-Zen
Producer Rudy Ratzinger
:wumpscut: chronology
Music for a Slaughtering Tribe
Dried Blood
Smell the Disgusting Sweet Taste of Dried Blood

Dried Blood is an EP recorded by the German industrial act :wumpscut:.


Dried Blood is the fourth release by :wumpscut:, his first EP, and his first release on Ant-Zen Records.

It was first distributed in Europe by Discordia, two times in 1994 and 1995 with alternate artwork. It was again distributed by Ant-Zen alone twice in 1995 and lastly remastered and distributed by Nova-Tekk in 1997. Each one of these releases has slightly different artwork.

Dried Blood was later combined with Gomorra to form the CD Dried Blood of Gomorrha. The album has a very dark atmosphere, which is different from later :wumpscut: albums.

Track listing

The third and fourth versions by Ant-Zen, 1995. The first two versions have the same cover (see main photo), but different back art.

Dried Blood (all Ant-Zen versions))

  1. "Black Death (French Concept)" – 5:53
  2. "Dying Culture (First Movement)" – 3:41
  3. "Body Parts (Radio Edit)" – 4:36
  4. "Funeral Diner (Red Tape Version)" – 4:08
  5. "Dried Blood (Radical Cut)" – 1:46
Nova Tekk's remastered version of Dried Blood, 1997.

Dried Blood (Nova Tekk, 1997)

  1. "Black Death (French Concept)" – 5:53
  2. "Body Parts (Radio Edit)" – 4:36
  3. "Funeral Diner (Red Tape Version)" – 4:08
  4. "Dried Blood (Radical Cut)" – 1:46
  5. "Dying Culture (First Movement)" – 3:41

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