Douma District

Douma District
منطقة دوما

Map of Douma District within Rif Dimashq Governorate
Coordinates (Douma): 33°34′20″N 36°24′07″E / 33.572264°N 36.401811°E / 33.572264; 36.401811Coordinates: 33°34′20″N 36°24′07″E / 33.572264°N 36.401811°E / 33.572264; 36.401811
Country  Syria
Governorate Rif Dimashq
Seat Douma
Subdistricts 7 nawāḥī
  Total 19,875.92 km2 (7,674.14 sq mi)
Population (2004)[1]
  Total 433,719
  Density 22/km2 (57/sq mi)
Geocode SY0302

Douma District (Arabic: منطقة دوما, translit. manṭiqat Dūmā) is a district of the Rif Dimashq Governorate in southern Syria.

The second largest district of Syria following Tadmur, it stretches from the northeastern outskirts of Metropolitan Damascus to the Jordanian border, covering large swaths of the sparsely inhabited Syrian Desert. Administrative centre is the city of Douma, located just some 10 km (6 mi) to the northeast of Damascus.

At the 2004 census, the district had a population of 433,719.[1]


The district of Douma is divided into seven sub-districts or nawāḥī (population as of 2005[1]):

Subdistricts of Douma District
Code Name Area Population
SY030200 Douma nahiyah 208.73 km² 181,934
SY030201 Harasta nahiyah 25.64 km² 88,816
SY030202 Al-Sabe' Biyar nahiyah 12,919.39 km² 395
SY030203 Al-Dumayr nahiyah 5,929.58 km² 26,192
SY030204 Al-Nashabiyah nahiyah 277.76 km² 76,814
SY030205 Al-Ghizlaniyah nahiyah 388.02 km² 36,715
SY030206 Harran al-Awamid nahiyah 126.80 km² 22,853


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