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Doug Drexler at the 2013 Phoenix Comicon

Doug Drexler (born in New York City) is a visual effects artist, designer, sculptor, illustrator, and a makeup artist who has collaborated with such talents as Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, James Caan, Meryl Streep, and Warren Beatty. He began his career in the entertainment industry working for makeup legend Dick Smith on such films as The Hunger and Starman. He has also contributed to Three Men and a Little Lady, The Cotton Club, FX, Manhunter and Dick Tracy. Dick Tracy earned Drexler an Oscar,[1] as well as The British Academy Award[2] and the Saturn Award[3] for his special makeup effects on characters such as Big Boy Caprice (played by Pacino) and Mumbles (played by Hoffman). Two Emmy[4] nominations in the same field followed for three years working on Star Trek: The Next Generation, where he performed such tasks as aging Captain Picard for "The Inner Light". His final make-up job for the series, and perhaps his career, was the Mark Twain makeup worn by Jerry Hardin in the two part episode "Times Arrow"

In 1992 Drexler made a career change by moving over to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as designer, digital artist and effects artist. He continued in that capacity on the subsequent Star Trek films as well as Star Trek: Voyager. In April 2001 Drexler worked as senior Illustrator and CGI designer on the fifth Star Trek series, Enterprise. Following Enterprise, Doug was hired by renowned Visual Effects Supervisor Gary Hutzel as CG Supervisor on Battlestar Galactica, "Caprica", "Blood and Chrome", and "Defiance". Doug won two Emmy Awards and a Visual Effects Society Award for Galactica.

Doug grew up on Long Island and attended Newfield High School. As of 2015, he is also a member of the board of directors for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.

Credits in various fields

Prosthetic character makeup


Visual effects

Books illustrated

Books illustrated and co-authored

Books authored the Foreword

Interactive CD-ROMs

Star Trek: Captain's Chair, Simon & Schuster Interactive. The Star Trek Interactive Encyclopedia, Simon & Schuster Interactive.

On camera

Drexler has made a habit of making uncredited cameos in various projects during his career. Most notably in the film C.H.U.D as a police officer. He has appeared in numerous Star Trek episodes including The Next Generation as well as in the final episode of Enterprise. He also appears in the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. His other on-camera appearances have been in kitschy webseries and in a couple of Star Trek Fan Films. In May 2013 he played a holographic gunslinger in Pilgrim of Eternity, the first episode of the fan produced webseries Star Trek Continues.


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