Double Tap (film)

Double Tap

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Traditional 鎗王
Simplified 枪王
Mandarin Qiāng Wáng
Cantonese Ceong1 Wong4
Directed by Bruce Law
Produced by Derek Yee
Screenplay by Yeung Sin-ling
Bruce Law
Lee Hau-shek
Yeung Chin-hung
Story by Joseph Cheung
Derek Yee
Starring Leslie Cheung
Alex Fong
Ruby Wong
Monica Chan
Music by Peter Kam
Anthony Chue
Cinematography Venus Keung
Tony Cheung
Edited by Kwong Chi-leung
Film Unlimited
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release dates
  • 27 May 2000 (2000-05-27)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$3,987,152

Double Tap (槍王) is a 2000 Hong Kong action-thriller film directed by Bruce Law, and starring Leslie Cheung, Alex Fong, Monica Chan and Ruby Wong. It was hailed as one of Leslie Cheung's most memorable action films since A Better Tomorrow. A follow up film, Triple Tap, directed by Derek Yee was released in 2010 with only Alex Fong reprising his role as Inspector Miu with a new storyline and new cast consisted of Louis Koo and Daniel Wu.


Leslie Cheung plays Rick Pang, a shooting champion who is also a gun expert who tinkers with his pistols and modified its magazine to perfect his technique known as 'double tap' which is the terminology for a shooter placing two shots in the same exact spot, to maximize marksmanship in any competition.

In a shooting competition, he goes up against another experienced top cop who is just as comfortable on the pistols as Rick, named Miu. Unfortunately, the competition was marred by a depressed day trader, a friend of Miu, who lost much in the stock market and threatened the safety of the contest, wounding the shooting supervisor, another of Miu's friends. Rick was forced to kill him with his trademark double tap as the former approaches Colleen and Vincent. Miu took note of this astounding technique in the post-mortem while Rick's experience from this encounter was strangely exciting to him and he discovers his lust for murdering others in cold blood.

As further murders were committed by an unknown gunman with the similar 'double tap' technique, the list of possible candidates by the police was narrowed down to just a few candidates but Miu was utterly convinced that Rick was also behind all those heinous crimes and hauls him up for investigation. Although Rick was released after an interrogation (having had no solid evidence incriminating him), Miu continued to pursue him and pressurise Rick to an extent that the murderer was suddenly possessed by rage and decided to take the law in his own hands. Rick went to his favorite shooting range and lay in wait for his pursuers. Arming himself with live rounds for his modified pistol, he engaged in a fierce gunfight with the cops and escaped at the first possible opportunity.

It later transpired that Rick was indeed haunted by his earlier murder at the competition but his insatiated lust for murder was further fuelled by his obsession with the 'double tap' technique as he sought to perfect it. Further, he has inadvertently discovered a new use for his pistols: to kill those who opposed him and those who pushed him to the brink.

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