Doris Wells

Doris Wells (born Doris María Buonafina; born Caripito, 28 October 1941 - died Caracas, 20 September 1988) was a Venezuelan actress, writer and producer.

Her best-known television appearances were in Campeones, La trepadora, La Hora, Historia de tres hermanas, Renzo el Gitano, Amor Salvaje, Regina Carbonell, El Mulato and La fiera. After the last of these, Wells announced her definitive retirement from soap operas and she debuted as writer and producer with the television movie Porcelana (in 1981). In 1985 she played the protagonist in the film Oriana (written by Fina Torres), which won the Golden Camera at the Cannes Film Festival. She retired from television in 1986 shortly after hosting the game show Concurso millonario.[1]

Personal life & death

She and her husband, William Risquez Iribarren, a wealthy lawyer, had three children (Marielba, Xavier and Verónica). He died suddenly in 1983. Wells died on 20 September 1988, aged 46, from a rare illness.[2]


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