Doodles (comics)

Doodles is a children's activity comic strip drawn by Steve Sack and Craig MacIntosh. Originally syndicated in 1985 as "Professor Doodles' Just For Kids Corner", the strip was renamed "Doodles" in 1998. The comic is distributed by Creators Syndicate.


The comic strip features Professor Doodles, a wacky scientist with a love of kids and animals. The professor and his menagerie of zoo characters lead kids in several activities in each cartoon, including mazes, jokes, drawing tips, and riddles. Among the Doodles helpers are Bosco, a lovable and inquisitive koala; Toby, a fun-loving hippo; Zak, a sarcastic but goofy giraffe, and Steve, an ape who became the main star of the strip when Professor Doodles was cut back to a rare occasional appearance as of 1998 when the strip was renamed "Doodles".

Kids can also send in their favorite jokes to Professor Doodles for inclusion in the weekly comic.

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