Don Swaim

Don Swaim (born 1936) is an American journalist and broadcaster.

Born in Kansas, Swaim earned a degree in broadcast journalism from Ohio University and worked as editor, writer, producer, reporter and anchor at WCBS (AM) in New York and CBS in Baltimore.

His radio program on books and authors, Book Beat, was nationally syndicated by the CBS Radio Stations News Service. On that program, he interviewed hundreds of major authors of the 1980s, including several Pulitzer Prize winners. While the CBS interviews were cut down to two minutes or less, nearly 700 uncut versions of these interviews are now available at Wired for Books in their entirety, usually 20–40 minutes long.

Don Swaim authors and collects information nationwide from CBS New Radio 88 employees, past and present, to manage the history, photos, and memories of CBS, spanning back fifty years. Many employees, past and present, help him gather and post this valued and well presented information.

DON SWAIM WINS 2011 PEARL S. BUCK NATIONAL FICTION AWARD Swaim, Kaler Dr. Anne Kaler made the presentations under a portrait of Pearl S. Buck at the historic Buck house on April 10, 2011.

Swaim currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is married to Elizabeth Joyce Swaim. He chairs the Bucks County Writers Workshop.


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