Dolina sunca

Dolina Sunca was a Croatian soap opera that aired on Croatian Radiotelevision from 2009 to 2010.


Eva Kralj, a beautiful widow, wishing to start a new life, moves from Zagreb to the lively place of Poplars. Upon arrival in Poplars, Eve discovers a shocking secret: her late husband led a double life and lived with Jablanov Julia, his mistress with whom he had a child. Julia, the popular mayor of Poplars, from Vitezovic, has a wealthy family and a large agricultural estate.

The two women pass through a challenging time of enmity, dating, and approaching. Eva's arrival in Poplars turns the settlement upside down. Two men slowly enter Eva's life, the withdrawn and charming Andrew and Christian, but she is still hurt emotionally. Andrew and Christian fall for Eve, but they both have their own problems: Andrew carries a burden of guilt for a serious accident that took place in Poplars, while Christian had faced betrayal and the struggle for supremacy in the family business.[1]




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