DokiDoki! PreCure

DokiDoki! PreCure

Cover of the Final DVD volume by Marvelous AQL, showing the main characters in their civilian forms
(Dokidoki! PuriKyua)
Genre Magical girl
Anime television series
Directed by Gō Koga
Produced by Hiroaki Shibata
Written by Ryōta Yamaguchi
Music by Hiroshi Takaki
Studio Toei Animation
Network ANN (ABC)
Original run February 3, 2013 January 26, 2014
Episodes 49
Written by Izumi Todo
Illustrated by Futago Kamikita
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Nakayoshi
Original run March 2013February 2014
DokiDoki! PreCure: Narikiri Life!
Developer Namco Bandai Games
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Genre Minigame
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Released August 1, 2013
Anime film
DokiDoki! PreCure the Movie: Mana's Getting Married!!? The Dress of Hope Tied to the Future!
Directed by Naoyuki Itō
Written by Ryōta Yamaguchi
Studio Toei Animation
Released October 26, 2013

DokiDoki! PreCure (ドキドキ!プリキュア Dokidoki! Purikyua, literally "Heart-Pounding! Pretty Cure"), also known as Doki Doki Pretty Cure, is a Japanese anime series produced by Toei Animation and the tenth installment in Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure franchise.[1][2] The series is produced by Hiroaki Shibata, who produced Digimon Data Squad and written by Ryōta Yamaguchi, who wrote the scripts for The Vision of Escaflowne. Character designs were handled by Akira Takahashi, who previously did the designs for Suite PreCure. The series aired on ANN network between February 3, 2013 and January 26, 2014,[3][4] replacing Smile PreCure! in its initial timeslot, and was succeeded by HappinessCharge PreCure!.[5] An animated film based on the series was released on October 26, 2013. This series' theme revolves around playing cards and human emotions.


The Trump Kingdom is a magical world where everyone's hearts live happily with the guidance of their ruler Princess Marie Ange. However one day, an evil force known as the Jikochu has attacked the Kingdom. But a warrior who served to Marie Ange, known as Cure Sword, fended the Jikochu by herself before being sent to the human world with her fairy partner to find the missing princess. Cure Sword also brought with her three other fairies who are to find three chosen girls to be her allies.

One of the fairies, Sharuru, finds a girl named Mana Aida who is her school's student council president. Whilst visiting the Clover Tower's observatory during her school's orientation day, Mana encounters a Jikochu who attempts to manipulate her heart but being found by Sharuru as she gives her the power to become Cure Heart. Joined by Cure Diamond, Cure Rosetta, and Cure Sword, the DokiDoki Pretty Cure must fight to protect everyone's hearts from the Jikochu.


DokiDoki! Pretty Cures

The Pretty Cures are legendary warriors of light chosen by the Trump Kingdom (トランプ王国 Toranpu Ōkoku) to protect the world from the evil desires of the Jikochu. They are partnered by fairies from the Trump Kingdom who can transform into the Cure's transformation device, the Lovely Commune (ラブリーコミューン Raburī Komyūn). The Cures transform by inserting small pendants called Cure Loveads (キュアラビーズ Kyua Rabīzu) into the Lovely Commune, shouting "Pretty Cure, Love Link!" (プリキュア ラブリンク! Purikyua Rabu Rinku!) and spelling out L-O-V-E on the Commune. Additional Cure Loveads are used to perform attacks, as well as to take care of Ai. In later episodes, the Cures use the new weapons the Love Heart Arrow and the Magical Lovely Pad to execute more powerful purification attacks. There are currently five Cures chosen by the Trump Kingdom. They introduce themselves as "Listen to the heartbeat of love! DokiDoki! Pretty Cure (響け愛の鼓動!ドキドキ!プリキュア Hibike ai no kodō! DokiDoki! Purikyua).

Mana Aida (相田 マナ Aida Mana) / Cure Heart (キュアハート Kyua Hāto)
Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame
Mana is the bright and energetic student council president of Ōgai First Public Middle School in her second year. She believes actions speak louder than words, and will often jump in to help others without even thinking about the consequences. Both elders and youngsters around her believe in her leadership capabilities. However, she is a terrible singer. Her family owns a local yōshoku restaurant called "The Pig's Tail" (ぶたのしっぽ Buta no Shippo).
Her potential to become a Pretty Cure is awakened during a trip in the Clover Tower. When the Jikochu group attack, she is chosen by Sharuru and transforms for the first time as Cure Heart. As Cure Heart, her short dark pink hair lengthens into a bright yellow blond color and is held in ponytail. Her partner is Sharuru and her card motif is the Heart. Her attacks are focused on purifying the enemy.
She introduces herself as "Brimming with love! Cure Heart!!" (みなぎる愛!キュアハート!! Minagiru ai! Kyua Hāto!!) and her catchphrase is "Oh poor [Jikochu] who has forgotten love, I, Cure Heart, will get back your heart-pounding excitement!" (愛を失くした悲しい◯◯さん, このキュアハートがあなたのドキドキ取り戻してみせる! Ai wo nakushita kanashii [Jikochu]-san, kono Kyua Hāto ga anata no dokidoki torimodoshite miseru!)
Rikka Hishikawa (菱川 六花 Hishikawa Rikka) / Cure Diamond (キュアダイヤモンド Kyua Daiyamondo)
Voiced by: Minako Kotobuki
Rikka is the student council clerk in Ōgai First Public Middle School, where she is one of the top ten students in the national mock exams. She has been Mana's friend since her family moved to Mana's neighborhood a decade ago, and she often stays in Pig's Tail as her parents spend most of their time working. She cares deeply about Mana, often trying to keep her from doing anything crazy and constantly worrying about her, often comparing her to the Happy Prince.
Her potential to become a Pretty Cure is awakened after she discovers the secret of Pretty Cures from Mana. When Cure Heart is powerless against a new Jikochu, Rikka decides to follow in Mana's footsteps, and Raquel chooses her to be his partner as she transforms into Cure Diamond. As Cure Diamond, her dark blue hair changes into a light blue color and grows into a ponytail. Her partner is Raquel and her card motif is the Diamond. She attacks using icy blasts that freeze her oppoenents.
She introduces herself as "The light of wisdom! Cure Diamond!!" (英知の光!キュアダイヤモンド!! Eichi no hikari! Kyua Daiyamondo!!) and her catchphrase is "I, Cure Diamond, will be the one to cool your rage!" (このキュアダイヤモンドがあなたの頭を冷やしてあげる! Kono Kyua Daiyamondo ga anata no atama o hiyashite ageru!)
Alice Yotsuba (四葉 ありす Yotsuba Arisu) / Cure Rosetta (キュアロゼッタ Kyua Rozetta)
Voiced by: Mai Fuchigami
Alice is the heir to Yotsuba zaibatsu and a student in the prestigious Private Nanatsubashi Academy. Alice was a classmate of Rikka and Mana during elementary school, and they have since remained good friends. She is a polite and caring person, but often flaunts wealth without thinking. Having learnt various martial arts from her grandfather as a child, Alice came to fear her own strength due to times where she would lose control whenever her friends were being bullied and vowed not to fight again.
Alice learns the secret of Pretty Cure via her monitor system which records their transformations. She shows willingness to provide financial aid but does not actually join them, fearing the power that comes from being a Pretty Cure. But after realizing her strength can be used to protect those dearest to her, she become's Lance's partner and becomes able to transform into Cure Rosetta. As Cure Rosetta, her long brown hair gradually lengthens and is tinted in an orange color before being tied into twintails. Her fairy partner is Lance and her card motif is the Club. Going with her desire to protect, her power largely revolves around producing protective barriers.
She introduces herself as "The warmth of the sun! Cure Rosetta!!" (陽だまりポカポカ!キュアロゼッタ!! Hidamari pokapoka! Kyua Rozetta!!) and her catchphrase is "Only love makes the world go round. Now, you and I will nurture that love." (世界を制するのは愛だけです。さあ、あなたも私と愛を育んでくださいな。 Sekai wo seisuruno wa ai dake desu. Saa, anata mo watashi to ai wo ikunde kudasai na.)
Makoto Kenzaki (剣崎 真琴 Kenzaki Makoto) / Cure Sword (キュアソード Kyua Sōdo)
Voiced by: Kanako Miyamoto
Cure Sword is a royal guard and songstress of the Trump Kingdom who has a strong sense of responsibility towards its princess, Marie Ange. When the Trump Kingdom is invaded by the Jikochu, leaving her as the last remaining warrior, she and Marie Ange became separated during their escape. Arriving in the human world and becoming determined to find Marie Ange, she took on the name of Makoto Kenzaki and became an idol in the hopes that her voice would one day reach her. She is often nicknamed "Makopi" (まこピー Makopī) by her fans, including Mana.
Whilst initially reluctant to work with the other Cures, Makoto soon opens up to them and reveals her identity to them, accepting their offer to help her find the missing princess and later enrolling in Mana and Rikka's school. Having come from another world, she is generally unfamiliar with a lot of Japanese customs. As Cure Sword, her dark purple hair changes light purple and grows into a ponytail. Her fairy partner is Dabyi and her card motif is the Spade. She mainly uses slicing blade attacks.
She introduces herself as "The blade of courage! Cure Sword!!" (勇気の刃!キュアソード!! Yūki no yaiba! Kyua Sōdo!) and her catchphrase is "I, Cure Sword, will cut down your ambitions with my blade of love!" (このキュアソードが、愛の剣で、あなたの野望を断ち切ってみせる! Kono Kyua Sōdo ga, ai no tsurugi de, anata no yabō wo tachikitte miseru!)
Aguri Madoka (円 亜久里 Madoka Aguri) / Cure Ace (キュアエース Kyua Ēsu)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
A mysterious elementary school girl in the fourth grade, who first appears in episode 22 when she protects the heroines from Regina. She is generally very calm, quiet and wise, often lecturing the other girls and pushing them to become stronger. Despite keeping up a stern demeanour most of the time, she has a weakness for sweet foods. Aguri is also very fond of Ai and treats her like a little sister.
For unknown reason, she became a Cure before the events of the series, separated from Ai after being defeated by the Jikochu, and she doesn't remember anything before encounter with her foster grandmother, Mari. It as only once the Royal Crystals are gathered that Aguri is reunited with Ai and resumes her Cure duties. In episode 45, Aguri reveals that she is actually the personified goodness of Marie Ange and believes that she is destined to fight Regina, her biological sister.
As Cure Ace, her transformation lasting five minutes, her body changes into an adult and her hair turns fiery red. Unlike the other Cures, Cure Ace transforms using the Love Eyes Palette (ラブアイズパレット Rabu Aizu Paretto) provided by Ai, using the transformation phrase "Pretty Cure, Dress Up!" (プリキュア・ドレスアップ! PuriKyua, Doresu Appu!). She uses a unique lipstick-like weapon called the Love Kiss Rouge (ラブキッスルージュ Rabu Kisu Rūju), which allows her to use various powers based on the color of lips she puts on and is mainly used for purfication. Her fairy partner is Ai and her card motif is the Ace card. She introduces herself as "The Trump Card of Love ! Cure Ace!!" (愛の切り札!キュアエース!! Ai no kirifuda! Kyua Ēsu!) and her catchphrase is "My beauty is the proof of justice. With a single wink, I shall remove the chaos in your heart!" (美しさは正義の証。ウインク1つで、あなたのハートを射抜いてさしあげますわ! Utsukushisa wa seigi no akashi. Uinku hitotsu de, anata no hāto wo inuiteshiagemasu wa!)

Trump Kingdom

Sharuru (シャルル)
Voiced by: Kumiko Nishihara
Mana's rabbit-like fairy partner, the only girl of the newborn triplets. The most passionate of all the four mascots, she has a passionate heart and always works hard. She ends her sentences with "~sharu!". She later learns to transform into a human form, resembling a middle-school aged girl, which made the people think she's Mana's twin sister due to her appearance that she look exactly like Mana. She is named after "Charles", the King of Hearts in the traditional Paris court card name of playing cards.
Davi (ダビィ Dabī)
Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama
Makoto's cat-like fairy partner who is older than the newborn fairies. She is very independent, but she often worries about her partner and often has the habit of blurting out Makoto's true feelings, much to her embarrassment. She can transform into the appearance of an adult human, acting in the role of Makoto's manager, later teaching this skill to the other fairies. She ends her sentences with "~da byi!" or "~byi!". She's also seem to be very good at fighting as shown in the movie. She if named after "David", the King of Spades.
Raquel (ラケル Rakeru)
Voiced by: Yuka Terasaki
Rikka's dog-like fairy partner and the first triplet. He is very reliable to the other fairies, much like his partner. He ends his sentences with "~keru!". He later learns how to transform into a human form, resembling an elementary-school aged boy. He is named after "Rachel", the Queen of Diamonds.
Lance (ランス Ransu)
Voiced by: Ayaka Ohashi
Alice's bear-like fairy partner and the last triplet. He is a little spoiled. He later learns to transform into a human form, resembling a very young boy with curly hair. He ends his sentences with "~de ransu!". He is named after "Lancelot", the Knave of Clubs.
Ai (アイちゃん Ai-chan)
Voiced by: Yuka Imai
A mysterious winged baby. She was found by Joe in a big egg and hatched when Mana and the others come across it. She has various magic abilities, some of which are used based on her mood with others helping to power up the Cures. She also has her own set of Cure Loveads that are used with the Lovely Commune to look after her, such as milk bottles. She often says either "kyuppi~!", "ai~!" or "kyuppi rappa~", but starts learning to speak proper words as the series progresses.
After Aguri's appearance, it turns out that she was Aguri's partner, who helps her transform into Cure Ace using the Love Eyes Palette before the story begins. Prior to the story, Aguri was defeated by King Jikochu, which led to Ai being reverted to an egg and becoming separated from her. She is later reunited with Aguri after the Royal Crystals are gathered. She initially lives with Joe, but later uses her magic to convince Mana's family that she is her sister and stays at her house. In episode 35, Ange reveals that she was sent by Ange to serve as a shield that protects against a Jikochu's influence, which weakens if she is in a bad mood, causing the Jikochu to grow stronger instead. It is later revealed that Ai is the form that Ange had taken after removing her psyche. Ai's motif is based on the cupid.
Princess Marie Ange (マリー・アンジュ王女 Marī Anju Ōjo)
Voiced by: Yuka Imai
The princess of the Trump Kingdom, who often enjoyed Cure Sword's performances and treated her like a sister. When the Trump Kingdom was attacked by the Jikochu, it took nearly all her power to seal King Jikochu into a deep slumber. After sending Sharuru and the other fairies to earth, she escaped the Trump Kingdom alongside Cure Sword but became separated and ended up being attacked by Bel who attempted to turn her into a Jikochu. Ange prevents it by splitting her psyche, creating Regina and Aguri from love for her kingdom and that of her father, while she turned into the egg from which Ai emerges. The Cures were unaware of this fact, believing that Ange was frozen, until learning the truth from Aguri by showing them the events that led to her birth. Ultimately, Marie Ange's disembodied spirit explains that the process can not be reversed but will live on through her splintered selves.
Joe Okada (ジョー岡田 Jō Okada) / Jonathan Klondike (ジョナサン・クロンダイク Jonasan Kurondaiku)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
Joe is a curious antiques salesman who is the one who gave Mana, Rikka and Alice their Cure Loveads. He runs the Solitaire antique shop in Ōgai, where Mana and the others often hang out. Though he initially plays dumb about his knowledge of the Trump Kingdom, he eventually reveals his true identity as Jonathan Klondike, a royal knight of the Trump Kingdom and Marie Ange's fiancé, who travelled to the human world to search for her following the Jikochu's attack on the kingdom. In the finale, Jonathan becomes the president of the restored Trump Kingdom after its conversion from a monarchy to a republic.


The Jikochu (ジコチュー Jikochū, lit. "selfishness") is the antagonist group of the series. Desired by an ancient darkness possessing the King of the Trump Kingdom, the Jikochu's goal is to turn all feelings into hatred and selfish desires in order to revive their leader King Jikochu and create more of their kind. Each of the Jikochu Leaders and Generals represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins.


King Jikochu (キングジコチュー Kingu Jikochū)
Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka
The primary main antagonist and leader of the Jikochu, he was originally Marie Ange's father before he was possessed by the Proto Jikochu. Converting many of his subjects into Jikochu like himself, King Jikochu ultimately ended up in a dormant state after being sealed by Marie Ange. To reawaken him, the Jikochu desired more of their kind from people's psyches in order to attract Janergy to fuel his resurrection. By episode 46, his origins revealed, King Jikochu is revived as he begins his invasion of Earth. Once able to save the Trump Kingdom's King, the Cures destroy King Jikochu with only a fragment containing the Proto Jikochu remaining. King Jikochu represents the sin of Pride.
Regina (レジーナ Rejīna)
Voiced by: Kumiko Watanabe
A spoiled and demanding girl in a black dress who serves as Jikochu Trio's second-in-command while claiming to be the daughter of King Jikochu, but is actually a personification of Marie Ange's inner darkness with the ability to create Jikochu from people even without them being selfish. She also possessed for a brief time a red Royal Crystal that changed her personality into a more cruel and violent one. But after befriending Mana and the other Cures, Regina begins to reconsider her group's actions. Enfuriated by her "betrayal," her father brainwashes her back into the fold. After receiving wounds from Cure Ace, Regina was putted to sleep for rejuvenate her. By the events of episode 38, Regina returns to lead the Jikochu Trio. In episode 39, she take the Miracle Dragon Glaive after her feelings reach her father which turn the glaive light into dark power means the glaive chose her as allegiance. During the final battles, Regina's origins are revealed as she eventually remembers her friendship with Mana sides with the Pretty Cures to save her original self's father from King Jikochu. At the end, now an ally to the Cures, Regina begins attending Mana's school while starting anew. While Regina is Latin for Queen, she represents the sin of Lust.
Proto Jikochu (プロトジコチュー Proto Jikochū)
Voiced by: Masami Iwasaki
The true main antagonist. Proto Jikochu was an evil entity sealed within the Golden Crown ages ago. However, when the king of the Trump Kingdom broke the seal on the crown to cure his daughter Marie Ange, the Proto Jikochu possesses the king and converts him into his host King Jikochu (キングジコチュー Kingu Jikochū). When King Jikochu was destroyed, the Proto Jikochu takes Bel as his new body before being destroyed for good by Cure Heart Pantheon Mode. The Proto Jikochu represents original sin.


The Jikochu Generals all have light blue hair and bright yellow eyes, as well bat wings behind their ears. Ira, Mammo, and Bel, originally known as the Jikochu Trio (ジコチュートリオ Jikochū Torio), did the initial attacks while Leva and Gula, who answer directly to King Jikochu, are brought in to take lead in the attacks before they are killed off by Bel in secret. From there, Bel places Ira and Mammo under his control using the Blood Rings before they were destroyed and Regina resumes as a second in command. In the series finale, only Ira and Mammo remained as they take their leave.

Ira (イーラ Īra)
Voiced by: Mayumi Tanaka
Ira is the first of the Jikochu Trio to appear, a youth with a short fuse temper. In episode 26, he fell in love with Rikka after being treated by her when he is struck by lightning. In the finale, he and Mammo left after the defeat of Proto Jikochu. His name is Latin for Wrath.
Mammo (マーモ Māmo)
Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka
Mammo is a greedy and bossy woman wearing an asymmetrical outfit - partly a sleeveless dress, and partly heavy winter clothes. In the finale, she and Ira left after the defeat of Proto Jikochu. Her name is derived from Mammon, the demon representing Greed.
Bel (ベール Bēru)
Voiced by: Kazuhiro Yamaji
The secondary main antagonist and last of the Jikochu Trio to appear, Bel appears as a third-in-command of the Trio and a very lazy man who often is seen wearing sunglasses. After killing off Leva and Gula for their Janergy, Bel becomes a leader of the Jikochu Trio after having Ira and Mammo wear the Blood Rings he created from the stolen Janergy from the deputies. But Bel later loses the Blood Rings when they are destroyed by the Cures while deposed by Regina's return. In the finale, though he intended to gain a new power by eating a surviving fragment of King Jikochu, Bel ends up becoming a vessel for the Proto Jikochu and is purified back into his true form, a rat, upon the monster's death. His name is derived from Belphegor, the demon representing Sloth.
Leva (リーヴァ Rīva)
Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita
Leva appears as a deputy of the Jikochu. He is a bearded man who wears makeup and a top hat. He speaks in a very effeminate language and refers to Bel with the suffix "-chan". In episode 31, after being defeated by the Lovely Straight Flush in their combined form, Leva is killed alongside Gula by Bel for his Janergy. His name is derived from Leviathan, the demon representing Envy.
Gula (グーラ Gūra)
Voiced by: Masuo Amada
Gula appears as a deputy of the Jikochu. A hulking and muscular man with very sharp teeth who likes to eat everything, able to bite through anything like Cure Rosetta's shield. In episode 31, after being defeated by the Lovely Straight Flush in their combined form, Gula is killed alongside Leva by Bel for his Janergy. His name is Latin for Gluttony.
Lust (ルスト Rusuto)
Briefly seen in Episode 46, Lust is one of the seven Jikochu General who invaded the Trump Kingdom under King Jikochu's orders. But during the fierce battle, she was killed by one of Cure Sword's seniors. Her name is German for Lust.[6]
Goma (ゴーマ Gōma)
Briefly seen in Episode 46, Goma is one of the seven Jikochu General who invaded the Trump Kingdom under King Jikochu's orders. But during the fierce battle, he was killed by one of Cure Sword's seniors. His name is Japanese for Pride.[6]

Minor Jikochu

Voiced by: Masami Iwasaki
The series' monster of the week, these Jikochu are desired by the leading Jikochu group when they manipulate the selfish thoughts in people's hearts, changing it into a black heart with bat wings known as a Psyche (プシュケー Pushukē), which bursts out of their body and is used to summon the Jikochu. Being an embodiment of its human's desires, the Jikochu acts on the impulse of that desire to commit acts of chaos to achieve its goal. These Jikochu produce "Janergy" (ジャネジー Janejī), which feeds King Jikochu and gives the Jikochu members their power. The Jikochu Trio are also able to swallow Dark Psyches in order to transform themselves into powered up Jikochu forms. When a Jikochu is defeated by a purification attack, they will generally shout "Love, love, looooove!" upon defeat and the Psyche is purified into a pure heart with angel wings, which flies back to its rightful owner.

Other characters

Sebastian (セバスチャン Sebasuchan)
Voiced by: Izō Oikawa
The chief butler of Yotsuba Zaibatsu. An old gentleman who is very loyal to Alice and can fulfill any of her orders immediately. He knows of the Pretty Cure's secret identity along with Alice and assists the heroines in their fights by providing intel and preventing any leaks of their existence to the public.
Kentaro Aida (相田 健太郎 Aida Kentarō)
Voiced by: Nobuaki Kanemitsu
Mana's father, the chef of The Pig's Tail who is famed for his food.
Ayumi Aida (相田 あゆみ Aida Ayumi)
Voiced by: Harumi Ueda
Mana's mother, the server of The Pig's Tail.
Sokichi Bandō (坂東 宗吉 Bandō Sōkichi)
Voiced by: Akihiko Ishizumi
Mana's grandfather who often argues with Kentaro over who's the better cook.
Isuzu Bandō (坂東 五十鈴 Bandō Isuzu)
Voiced by: Kazuko Sugiyama
Mana's grandmother who appears in the movie Dokidoki! PreCure the Movie: Mana's Getting Married!!? The Dress of Hope That Connects to the Future.
Yūzō Hishikawa (菱川 悠蔵 Hishikawa Yūzō)
Voiced by: Takeshi Maeda
Rikka's father, a well known photographer who is constantly working overseas, sending Rikka many curious souvenirs from his travels.
Ryōko Hishikawa (菱川 亮子 Hishikawa Ryōko)
Voiced by: Atsuko Yuya
Rikka's mother. She is a pediatrician, often working late nights and seldom returns home.
Ichiro Yotsuba (四葉 一郎 Yotsuba Ichirō)
Voiced by: Mugihito
Alice's grandfather who is a martial arts master.
Seiji Yotsuba (四葉 星児 Yotsuba Seiji)
Voiced by: Hidetoshi Nakamura
Alice's father who is the president of Yotsuba zaibatsu.
Mari Madoka (円 茉里 Madoka Mari)
Voiced by: Jun Karasawa
Aguri's foster grandmother who is a Japanese tea ceremony master. She discovered Aguri a year ago when she fell from the sky as a baby and suddenly turned ten years old, and knows of her identity as a Cure Ace.
Mr. Kido (城戸先生 Kido-sensei)
Voiced by: Issei Maeda
Mana, Rikka and Makoto's homeroom teacher in Ōgai First Public Middle School.
Eru Morimoto (森本 エル Morimoto Eru)
Voiced by: Satomi Moriya
Aguri's classmate.
Maro (マロ Maro)
Izuzu's pet dog. He only appear in film.
Shouko Yotsuba
Alice's mother. Who is a opera singer.

Movie characters

Marsh (マシュー Mashuu)
Voiced by: Shōsuke Tanihara
The main antagonist in the film. The man carrying the flute. He proclaimed himself as "the king of the world of memories" and somehow developed hatred towards Mana. He also detest humans who throw old things away for new and desired to trap everyone into their past for eternity. It is later revealed that he's actually Mallow, Mana's beloved dog who died in a car accident.
Mannequin Carmine (マネキンカーマイン Manekinkāmain)
Voiced by: Mayumi Asano
A woman based on the harlequin created from mannequins. She is one of Marsh's servant.
Silver Clock (シルバークロック Shirubākurokku)
Voiced by: Minoru Inaba
A clock like creature created from the grandfather clock. He is one of Marsh's servant.
Purple Buggy (パープルバギー Pāpurubagī)
Voiced by: Hisao Egawa
A skeleton biker like creature created from the engine and bike. He is one of Marsh's servant.
Bebel (べベル Beberu)
Voiced by: Kazuko Sugiyama
A mysterious fairy who helped the fairies to save Mana and everyone and stop Marsh. Her true identity is unknown to everyone but in the end, she's actually Mana's late grandmother, Isuzu Bando.
Clarinet (クラリネット Kurarinetto)
Voiced by: Masaru Ikeda
The true antagonist of the film and the mastermind behind the schemes. At first, it's the clarinet that Marsh carrying. After Marsh unable to destroy Mana, Clarinet took the lead and attempt to destroy the future. It is later defeated by Cure Heart in her Engage Mode. in The Ballerina of the Land of Dolls, Black Fang revealed that he created Clarinet to fulfill his plans on destroying the Cures.



The series aired on ABC and other ANN stations between February 3, 2013 and January 26, 2014.[7] Marvelous AQL began releasing the series on DVD from May 29, 2013 and on Blu-ray Disc from September 27, 2013.


The DokiDoki Pretty Cures appeared in the Pretty Cure All Stars film, Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Friends of the Heart (プリキュアオールスターズ New Stage 2 こころのともだち PuriKyua Ōru Sutāzu Nyū Sutēji Tsū: Kokoro no Tomodachi), which was released in Japanese theatres on March 16, 2013, with an official soundtrack released on March 13, 2013. A film based on the series, titled DokiDoki! Precure the Movie: Mana's Getting Married!!? The Dress of Hope Tied to the Future (映画 ドキドキ!プリキュア マナ結婚!!? 未来につなぐ希望のドレス Eiga DokiDoki! Purikyua: Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibō no Doresu), was released on October 26, 2013 as well as the official soundtrack on October 23, 2013.[8][9]


The series uses three pieces of theme music, one opening theme and two ending themes. The opening theme is "Happy Go Lucky! DokiDoki! Precure" (Happy Go Lucky!ドキドキ!プリキュア Happy Go Lucky! DokiDoki! Purikyua) by Tomoyo Kurosawa. The ending theme for the first 26 episodes is "Kono Sora no Mukō" (この空の向こう, "Beyond the Sky") whilst the ending theme for the remaining 23 episodes is "Love Link" (ラブリンク Rabu Rinku), both performed by Hitomi Yoshida.[10] The opening theme is composed by Chiho Kiyooka, the ending themes by Dr.Usui and the background music by Hiroshi Takaki. A character song album featuring songs performed by Kanako Miyamoto (as Cure Sword), titled "Songbird", was released by Marvelous AQL on May 29, 2013, alongside the original soundtrack's first volume, Pretty Cure Sound Love Link.[11]

The series's first vocal soundtrack titled DokiDoki! PreCure Vocal Album 1 ~Jump up, GIRLS!~ (ドキドキ!プリキュア ボーカルアルバム1 ~Jump up, GIRLS!~ Dokidoki! PuriKyua Bōkaru arubamu 1 ~Jump up, GIRLS!~) was released on July 17, 2013.[12] The second vocal album for the series entitled ~100% PRECURE DAYS☆~ was released on November 6, 2013. Then on November 20, the second original soundtrack for the series was released under the title Pretty Cure Sound Arrow. On January 15, 2014, the vocal best album for the series was released.


A manga adaptation by Futago Kamikita began serialization in Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine on March 2013 and ended in February 2014.


Merchandise of the anime were also issued during the series's initial run including bags, watches, raincoats, etc. Several toys featuring the Cure's transformation devices and weapons were also released by Bandai during the series' airing.

Video games

The characters in the series appear in the dancing video game, PreCure All Stars: Everyone Gather Let's Dance! (プリキュアオールスターズ ぜんいんしゅうごう☆レッツダンス! Purikyua Ōru Sutāzu Zen'in Shūgō Rettsu Dansu!), which was released for the Wii in Japan on March 28, 2013.[13] A game based on the series, Dokidoki! PreCure Narikiri Life! (ドキドキ!プリキュア なりきりライフ! Dokidoki! Purikyua Narikiri Raifu!), was released by Bandai for Nintendo 3DS on August 1, 2013.[14]


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