Devo Live 1980

DEVO Live 1980
Live album (DualDisc) by Devo
Released August 23, 2005
Recorded August 17, 1980
Length ~75:00
Label Target Video/Grata Video/Music Video Distributors
Producer No producer credit
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Devo Live 1980
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DEVO Live 1980 is a DualDisc release (and technically, the fourth DVD release) by pioneering new wave band Devo.

The release documents a performance by the influential quintet during their Freedom of Choice tour, when the band was gaining mainstream success on the strength of the Freedom of Choice album and their first major hit single "Whip It". It was shot by director/cameraman Joe Reis and his Target Video team in Petaluma, California, using three video cameras.

The set list is similar to that of the full DEV-O Live album (as released by Rhino Records' Rhino Handmade imprint in 1999 and as a regular Rhino CD release in 2005), which was recorded within a few days of this concert. Deviating from the previous album is Mark Mothersbaugh's alter ego Booji Boy singing "Tunnel of Life", preceded by the infamous footage of Booji Boy's head accidentally being "crushed" by a steam press.

The DVD side of the DualDisc features as a bonus, B&W video footage of Devo opening for themselves as "Dove, The Band of Love".

A short clip (one camera angle) from this concert, of the band performing "Gut Feeling/(Slap Your Mammy)", was previously seen on the band's 2004 DVD release Live in the Land of the Rising Sun

Bassist/songwriter/vocalist Gerald V. Casale provided the following note for the DualDisc's back cover: "This lone artifact offers indisputable evidence that in 1980 Devo had reached a turning point. We were no longer just art monsters, we were mainstream performers too."

The DualDisc release is available in both jewel case (CD) and Amaray (DVD) packaging.

There has also been a DVD only release without any CD audio.

Track listing

DVD side

  1. "Freedom of Choice Theme Song"
  2. "Whip It"
  3. "Snowball"
  4. "It's Not Right"
  5. "Girl U Want"
  6. "Planet Earth"
  7. "S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)"
  8. "Secret Agent Man"
  9. "Pink Pussycat"
  10. "Blockhead"
  11. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
  12. "Uncontrollable Urge"
  13. "Mongoloid"
  14. "Be Stiff"
  15. "Gates of Steel"
  16. "Freedom of Choice"
  17. "Jocko Homo"
  18. "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA"
  19. "Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy"
  20. "Come Back Jonee"
  21. "Tunnel of Life"
  22. "Devo Corporate Anthem"

CD side

  1. "Whip It"
  2. "Snowball"
  3. "It's Not Right"
  4. "Girl U Want"
  5. "Planet Earth"
  6. "S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)"
  7. "Secret Agent Man"
  8. "Pink Pussycat"
  9. "Blockhead"
  10. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
  11. "Uncontrollable Urge"
  12. "Mongoloid"
  13. "Be Stiff"
  14. "Gates of Steel"
  15. "Freedom of Choice"
  16. "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA"
  17. "Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy"
  18. "Come Back Jonee"


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