Destino (1990 telenovela)

Genre Telenovela
Created by Fernanda Villeli
Marissa Garrido
Written by María Zarattini
Vittoria Zarattini
Directed by Juan Carlos Muñoz
Gustavo Hernández
Starring Lourdes Munguía
Juan Ferrara
Fernando Balzaretti
Mariagna Prats
Saby Kamalich
Marco Muñoz
Ana Colchero
Opening theme Destino by Lourdes Munguía
Ending theme Destino by Bebu Silvetti
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 137
Executive producer(s) Carlos Sotomayor
Cinematography Carlos Guerra Villareal
Running time 21-22 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release May 21 – November 30, 1990
Preceded by Balada por un amor
Followed by En carne propia
Related shows Mundos opuestos (1976)
Destino (1982)

Destino (English title: Destiny) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Sotomayor for Televisa in 1990.[1] Was divided in two parts. Is a remake of 1976 telenovela Mundos opuestos.

Lourdes Munguía and Juan Ferrara starred as protagonists, while Fernando Balzaretti and leading actress Saby Kamalich starred as antagonists in first part of telenovela. Mariagna Prats starred as antagonist in second part.


Cecilia is a nice and shy girl. One night after returning from work, Cecilia sees when a man jumps off a building and falls dead at his feet. The body belongs to the son of billionaire Claudio de la Mora. So Claudio meets and makes friends with him.

Claudio ignores his false friend René behind drug addiction that drove his son to suicide. René hates Claudio you want to destroy your entire family including whimsical Mónica, the youngest of the de la Mora. Cecilia does not have time for such machinations, because one night is attacked and raped by Esteban Camacho, an evil obsessed with her neighbor.

When you are pregnant, the noble Claudio offers support and a surname for the child she is expecting. So Cecilia she married with Claudio is without suspecting it enters a world of intriguing beings who seek her out of the way.


  • Lourdes Munguía as Cecilia Jiménez
  • Juan Ferrara as Claudio de la Mora
  • Fernando Balzaretti as René Kamini
  • Mariagna Prats as Cristina Agudelo Palafox
  • Saby Kamalich as Ana Rafaela Villaseñor
  • Marco Muñoz as Luis Jiménez
  • Ana Colchero as Mónica de la Mora
  • Fernando Ciangherotti as Sebastián Labastida
  • Tomás Goros as José Alberto Alberti
  • Beatriz Aguirre as Antonia "Toña"
  • Tony Carbajal as Dr. Montoya
  • Luis Cárdenas as Tte. Antonio Fernández
  • Ivette Proal as Beatriz "Beba" Santander
  • Pilar Escalante as Rosalinda "Rosy"
  • Aurora Molina as Cata
  • Martín Barraza as Esteban Camacho
  • Lili Blanco as Cecilia "Ceci" Fridman
  • Gerardo Vigil as Alejandro
  • Miguel Priego as Damián Villena
  • Sergio Jurado as Lorenzo
  • Jacqueline Munguía as Pamela
  • Luis de Icaza as El Gordo
  • Adriana Chapela as Magos
  • María Teresa Guizar as Lucila
  • Claudia Vega as Betty
  • Tara Parra as Beatriz
  • Erick Sánchez as José Pablo de la Mora Jiménez
  • Karen Beatriz as Anita Jiménez de la Mora
  • Rafael Sante as Pedro
  • Lilian Notni as Paulina
  • Juan Manuel Vilchis Sosa as Álvaro de la Mora
  • Rafael Santa Desire
  • Julio Ahuet as Alatorre
  • Malena Castillo as Carmen
  • Desirée Cantú as Fernanda
  • Maya Mishalska as Odette Villatoro
  • Fernando Camacho


Year Award Category Nominee Result
1991 9th TVyNovelas Awards Best Actor Juan Ferrara Nominated
Best Antagonist Actress Mariagna Prats
Best Antagonist Actor Fernando Balzaretti
Best Co-lead Actor Marco Muñoz
Best Young Lead Actress Ana Colchero
Best Male Revelation Tomás Goros
Best Child Performance Karen Beatriz
Erick Sánchez
Best Original Story or Adaptation María Zarattini Won


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