Denyss McKnight

Denyss McKnight was born in Vancouver, Canada in January 1982 and spent much of his early years being classically trained on piano and music theory. After relocating to the Central Interior of British Columbia as a teenager he started playing guitar and started several punk and hardcore bands as well as working as production manager for local all ages venues. In 2002 he formed 9 Lashings Records and independently engineered and produced several releases for other bands, one of these being the notable hardcore act Until We Have Faces which he later joined as guitarist until 2004. 2005 marked his introduction into Vancouver glam-punk rock band The Black Halos which he filled the bass position and released 2005's "Alive Without Control" (Century Media/Liquor & Poker).[1][2]

He joined with Vancouver's industrial/cyberpunk band Left Spine Down in 2006 as bassist and as of 2008 stepped up to guitar duties.[3] He still resides in his home city of Vancouver, BC. By late 2009 Denyss parted ways with LSD. He did however appear on The Black Halos 2008 album "We Are Not Alone" contributing Bass, piano & vocals.[4]


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