Demons of the Mind

Demons of the Mind

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Peter Sykes
Produced by Michael Carreras
Frank Godwin
Written by Christopher Wicking
Story by Frank Godwin
Starring Gillian Hills
Robert Hardy
Patrick Magee
Michael Hordern
Shane Briant
Music by Harry Robinson
Cinematography Arthur Grant
Edited by Chris Barnes
Frank Godwin Productions
Hammer Film Productions
Distributed by Anglo-EMI Film Distributors
Release dates
5 November 1972
Running time
89 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £250,000[1]

Demons of the Mind is a 1972 British horror film, directed by Peter Sykes and produced Anglo-EMI, Frank Godwin Productions and Hammer Film Productions. It was written by Christopher Wicking, based on a story by Frank Godwin. It was released on 5 November 1972.[2] The cast includes Gillian Hills (playing a role originally intended for Marianne Faithfull), Robert Hardy, Patrick Magee, Michael Hordern and Shane Briant.


A widower locks up his two children, afraid that they will go mad, as did his wife. He then invites a doctor of dubious reputation to supervise the young people's mental health. Meanwhile, in the vicinity of the house, grisly murders are happening.



The film's working title was Blood Will Have Blood.[2] Principal photography took place from 16 August to September 1971.[2]

Peter Sykes was hired after Hammer were impressed by his work on Venom. The movie was based on the life of Franz Mesmer.[1]

Critical reception

Time Out called the film "an exotic, Wildean horror story, visually as extravagant and tantalising as a decadent painting" that is "badly let down, though, by some grotesque overacting".[3] The Hammer Story: The Authorised History of Hammer Films wrote of the film: "oblique, ambitious and suffused with an air of primal dread, Demons of the Mind deserved better."[2]


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