Demon City Shinjuku

Demon City Shinjuku

Cover art for the novel
魔界都市 (新宿)
(Makai Toshi: Shinjuku)
Genre Horror, Action
Written by Hideyuki Kikuchi
Published by Asahi Sonorama
English publisher

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Published 1982
Original video animation
Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Music by Motokazu Shinoda
Studio Madhouse
Licensed by

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Released October 25, 1988
Runtime 80 minutes
Written by Hideyuki Kikuchi
Illustrated by Shinichi Hosama
Published by Akita Shoten
English publisher

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Original run June 27, 2002September 26, 2002
Volumes 2

Demon City Shinjuku (Japanese: 魔界都市 (新宿) Hepburn: Makai Toshi: Shinjuku) is a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi that was adapted into an original video animation (OVA) in 1988, directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The title has also been translated as Hell City Shinjuku and Monster City. It was also released as two manga by ADV Manga in 2003 and 2004. The novel was also released in English in 2011 by Digital Manga Publishing,[1] compiled with its sequel Demon Palace Babylon.

The film was released in North America by Central Park Media in 1994. Portions of the opening fight scene were featured in the 1995 cyberpunk film Johnny Mnemonic.


The movie begins with a battle between former friends, the evil Rebi Ra (also pronounced Levi Ra) versus the short-lived hero Genichirou. Rebi Ra has allowed himself to be possessed in order to gain the incredible powers of evil and plans to summon demons to conquer the world. Defeating Genichirou and destroying Shinjuku, a part of Tokyo, with a devastating earthquake, the area becomes a demon-haunted wilderness. The novel doesn't have a fight scene between Genichirou and Rebi Ra. It opens with a quiet time in Shinjuku and then in a sudden change the Demon Quake hits only Shinjuku.

Ten years later, the World President, put in place to uphold world peace, is attacked by Rebi Ra with cursed plants indirectly to keep his old master, Aguni Rai, as the protector of the president, occupied. However, Rebi Ra did not know that Genichirou had a son who inherited his powers and more. After an emotional plea from the president's daughter, Sayaka Rama, the unlikely hero Kyoya Izayoi follows her deep into the heart of the evil city, finding new allies and terrifying enemies along the way. In the novel Aguni Rai asks the Information Bureau Japan Section Chief to look for Kyoya as the only one who could stop Rebi Ra. The Section Chief tests Kyoya with a commando cyborg and then relates to Kyoya that the president is in a life-threatening curse and only has three days to defeat Rebi Ra before the president is killed as the ritual sacrifice to bring the Demon Realm to Earth, which he failed to do years prior, causing the Demon Quake. During the course of explanation Aguni Rai uses a doppelganger to communicate to Kyoya from New York in hopes of convincing him to save the world. Sayaka soon enters and pleads with him to do so as well. Kyoya finally decides to help because of Sayaka's pleas.


Kyōya Izayoi (Hideyuki Hori)

The hotheaded hero and a big flirt and pervert at times; Genichirō's son; studies the art of Nempo

Sayaka Rama (Hiromi Tsuru)

The daughter of the World President; pleas with Kyōya to save the world

Chibi (Kyoko Tongu)

A young ally that aids the main characters on their journey

Rebi Ra (Kiyoshi Kobayashi)

The dark lord who desires to gain power and conquer the world; destroys Shinjuku

Aguni Rai (Ichiro Nagai)

The Nempo sensei to both Genichirō and Rebi Ra; protector of the World President

President Kozumi Rama (Osamu Saka)

The World President, in charge of world peace; father of Sayaka Rama

Genichirō Izayoi (Banjo Ginga)

The father of Kyōya Izayoi, the first to face Rebi Ra – getting himself killed in the process. In the novel he didn't fight Rebi Ra, but trained his son and ended up dying of a fever.

Mephisto (Yusaku Yara)

A strange, cloaked man of unknown power who sits idly by to watch fate unfold

Old Woman (Takeshi Aono)

Sells information in Shinjuku for high prices. She is later devoured by the Earth Demon

Man in White (Koji Totani)

Attempted to rape Sayaka, but was killed.


A mutated, two-headed dog belonging to Chibi

Yin (Asami Mukaidono)

One of three major demons summoned by Rebi Ra; a female demon that uses acid and strangulation

Water Demon (Naoki Tatsuta)

One of three major demons summoned by Rebi Ra; uses illusions and water

Earth Demon (Hirohiko Kakegawa)

One of three major demons summoned by Rebi Ra; a spider demon that uses raw physical force

TV Announcer (Kazumi Tanaka)

He gives exposition about President Rama.

Waitress (Arisa Ando)

She was sexually harassed by Kyōya.

Little Girl (Junko Hagimori)

The raging spirit of a little girl looking for her mother.


Hyper's Daniel Wilks criticises the film for having "only vaguely interconnected action scenes punctuated by some rather dull talkiness marred by horrible accents (the heroine is unconvincingly British and the childish sidekick speaks with a mangled Mexican drawl)".[2]

Related works

Demon Palace Babylon is the direct sequel to Demon City Shinjuku written six years later in 1988 and follows Kyoya, Sayaka, and Mephisto as they battle against King Nebachanezzar and his four knights. This was released in the United States in a complete edition with Demon City in 2011. It was also released as two manga by ADV Manga back in 2003 and 2004.

Demon City Hunter is a series of 17 manga released in Japan that follows Kyoya, Mephisto, and Sayaka after the events of Demon City Shinjuku. ADV Manga published 2 of these in English but did not finish them.

Yashakiden: The Demon Princess is a set of five novels that is based in the Demon City universe and has Mephisto reappearing but with a new hero, Setsura Aki. Setsura is a P.I. specializing in missing persons, but now he and Mephisto must go up against a group of vampires led by "Princess" who plan on making Shinjuku a vampire metropolis. the last novel will be released in English in March.

The Demon City Shinjuku Role-Playing Game was published by Guardians of Order in 2000.


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