De teaching

Church of Virtue
德教会 Déjiàohuì
Classification Taoist-inspired folk religious sect
Origin 1945
Chaozhou, Guangdong
Other name(s) Moral Uplifting Society
Official website

The De teaching (Chinese: 德教 Dejiao, "teaching of virtue", the concept of De), whose corporate name is the Church of Virtue (德教会 Déjiàohuì), is a sect rooted in Taoism, that was founded in 1945 in Chaozhou, Guangdong. It is popular both in China and amongst expatriate Chinese populations.[1]


Originally a reaction of Chaozhou shamans to the Japanese occupation of Chaozhou, it blossomed in the wave of religious innovation after the Second World War.[2] After the communist takeover in Mainland China in 1949 the De faith spread to Overseas Chinese communities in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.[2] In recent decades, it has spread back to China and started a worldwide expansion effort.[2]


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