Days of Our Own

Days of Our Own

Chinese 我们的十年
Directed by Joe Ma
Liu Hai
Starring Zhao Liying
Qiao Renliang
Gui Gui
Ban Jiajia
Van Fan
Feng Mingchao
Distributed by Dadi Shidai Media (Beijing)
Haining Mantou Media
Beijing Jiecheng Century Technology
Beijing United Film Artists
Beijing Huangying Entertainment[1]
Release dates
  • September 2, 2016 (2016-09-02)
Running time
90 minutes[1]
Country China
Language Mandarin
Box office CN¥43.4 million[1]

Days of Our Own is a 2016 Chinese romantic drama film directed by Joe Ma and Liu Hai and starring Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, Gui Gui, Ban Jiajia, Van Fan and Feng Mingchao.[2] It was released in China on September 2, 2016.[1]



The film has grossed CN¥43.37 million at the Chinese box office.[1]


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