Day, Summers and Company

Day, Summers and Company was a British steam locomotive manufacturer and shipbuilder in the Southampton area.

It opened as Summers, Groves and Day at the Millbrook Foundry in 1834. Its first locomotive was "Jefferson" built in 1837, a 2-2-0 for the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad in America.

Its engines were generally of the Stephenson "Planet" type. A further 2-2-0 was built in 1839 for the London and Greenwich Railway. This was modified soon after delivery by the addition of a trailing axle making it 2-2-2.

Two more locomotives were built for the London and Southampton Railway and two for Bourne, Bartley and Company. Of the latter, one was sold on to the North Union Railway and the other to the Bolton and Leigh Railway. Both were withdrawn before 1846.

When the London and South Western Railway opened in 1838, Summers Grove and Day carried out much of its repair work into the 1850s, complementing Nine Elms at the other end of the line.

Other new engines may have been built but the records are sparse. In 1847 the company's name changed to Summers, Day and Baldock at the Mill Place Ironworks, Foundry Lane, Millbrook. The company later moved to Northam and became Day, Summers and Company.


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