David R. Lindberg

David R. Lindberg
Born 1948
Nationality USA
Fields malacology
Institutions University of California, Berkeley

David R. Lindberg (1948, U.S.A.[1]) is an American malacologist and professor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also the Curator for the University of California Museum of Paleontology and co-editor of the journal Molecular Systematics and Phylogeography of Mollusks.

Much of his work has focused on sea snails, specifically on limpets, on the phylogeny of the Patellogastropoda, and various other gastropod groups.

Lindberg renamed the order Docoglossa to Patellogastropoda in 1986.[2] He is also notable for naming the subclass Eogastropoda, and proposing that the taxonomy of the Gastropoda be rewritten in terms of strictly monophyletic groups.[3]

Genera and species containing the name Lindberg

Although these species were named in honor of one or more people who had the surname Lindberg,[4] judging from the year the species were named, only a few of the following taxa were named in honor of David R. Lindberg.

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