Dave Wasson

Dave Wasson
Born David Wasson
Occupation Television producer, director, screenwriter, art director
Website www.davewasson.net

David "Dave" Wasson is an American television producer, director, screenwriter, animator and art director. He graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a B.F.A. He is best known for creating Time Squad[1] and directing and writing on the series Mickey Mouse Shorts. He was the supervising director of Making Fiends and was the executive producer and director of the series The Buzz on Maggie. Also, he is the author/illustrator of the children's book "The Big Ideas of Buster Bickles".


Wasson created the animated series Time Squad at Cartoon Network. He has co-written, storyboarded, and directed a number of the shorts for the series Mickey Mouse Shorts. Wasson was the supervising director, supervising producer and a voice talent on Making Fiends. He was the executive producer and director of The Buzz on Maggie at Disney. Dave also created a series of shorts at Nickelodeon for Oh Yeah! Cartoons one of which, Max and His Special Problem, won him an Emmy Award in 1999 for Production Designer.[2] Dave has also directed many animated commercials for the company Acme Filmworks located in Hollywood California.




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