Dany Boon

For former professional baseball pitcher, see Danny Boone.
Dany Boon

Boon at the 40th César Awards
Born Daniel Hamidou
(1966-06-26) 26 June 1966
Armentières, France
Occupation Actor, screenwriter, director, producer
Years active 1992–present
Spouse(s) Judith Godrèche (divorced)
Yael Harris
Website www.danyboon.com

Dany Boon (French pronunciation: [dani bun]; born Daniel Hamidou; 26 June 1966) is a French comedian and filmmaker who has acted both on the stage and the screen. He takes his stage name from the television show Daniel Boone.[1]

Life and career

Dany Boon, born to an Franco-Berber (Kabyle) father and a French mother from the north of the country,[2] first started his career dubbing cartoons and performing as a mime in the street. In 1992, he was given his first break as a comedian by French television personality Patrick Sébastien, who invited him on his show.[3] From then on Boon began to achieve notoriety with his sketches and his one-man shows.

He was then offered several roles in movies, notably in the film Joyeux Noël that made it on the international scene in 2005.

Boon is deeply attached to his native region, Nord-Pas-de-Calais. In 2003, he made a whole show in the local dialect of ch'ti, also known as Picard. Despite the use of dialectal language, 600,000 copies of the DVD (which included French subtitles) were sold. No previous DVD featuring a one-man show had sold as well in France. In February 2008, he released a film called Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, a comedy based on prejudices held about the region, which went on to break French box-office records. Two weeks after its release the film had already been seen by five million people. After its fourth week this figure had risen to 15 million, and by 11 April, the film had surpassed the viewing audience of La Grande Vadrouille, having been watched by more than 17.4 million people.

He has four sons and a daughter from three different unions. With his first wife, he had Mehdi, his eldest son, born in 1997. With his second wife, Judith Godrèche, he had Noé, born on 4 September 1999. With his third wife, Yael Harris, for whom he converted to Judaism in 2002,[4] he had Eytan, born 23 June 2005; Elia, born 20 December 2006 and Sarah, born 1 March 2010.[5]

In 2008, Boon was the highest-paid actor in European film history, netting 26 million Euro (c. 33 million dollars).[6]

He was the president of the 40th César Awards ceremony.[7]


Year Title Role Director
1996 Oui Wilfried Alexandre Jardin
2004 Joyeux Noël Private Ponchel Christian Carion
2005 The Valet Richard Francis Veber
La Maison du Bonheur Charles Boulin Dany Boon himself
2006 My Best Friend Bruno Bouley Patrice Leconte
2008 Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis Antoine Bailleul Dany Boon himself
De l'autre côté du lit Hugo Pascale Pouzadoux
Mia et le Migou le Migou (voice) Jacques-Rémy Girerd
2009 Micmacs Bazil Jean-Pierre Jeunet
2010 Benvenuti al Sud the French tourist (cameo) Luca Miniero
2011 Nothing to Declare Mathias Ducatel Dany Boon himself
2012 Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia Tetedepiaf Laurent Tirard
2012 Un plan parfait Jean-Yves Pascal Chaumeil
2013 Eyjafjallajökull Alain Alexandre Coffre
2014 Supercondriaque Romain Faubert Dany Boon himself
2015 Lolo Jean-René Julie Delpy
2016 The Jews Pascal Yvan Attal
2016 The BFG The BFG (French voice) Steven Spielberg
2016 Radin! François Gautier Fred Cavayé

One-man shows



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