Launched 2008
Slogan Монголын бүх суваг орон даяар + Азийн 29 оронд - All Mongolian channels countrywide available as well as in many Asian countries
Country  Mongolia
Broadcast area Mongolia
Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Website www.ddishtv.mn

DDISHTV (Mongolian: ДДэшТВ ХХК) is a Mongolian DTH service provider company led by Bold Ganbat (CEO).

A member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), DDISHTV was established in January 2008 to carry out Mongolian government’s proposal to broadcast more television channels in the countryside in high quality. It has officially started broadcasting in June 2008.


Previously people outside of bigger cities in Mongolia were able to view only four national TV channels due to outdated C-Band system with analog technology which requires big antenna. DDishTV began to work as first and unique operator with more TV channels to the consumers across the country through latest Ku-Band technology which allows small dishes.

Coverage area

As of April 2013, DDishTV broadcast across Mongolia for over 50,000 customers, though the reception is also available in over 25 different Asian countries, such as Russia, China, Korea, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Iran etc.

On July, 2010, DDishTV began airing free FM radio channels. As of November 2010, there are three FM channels, including Mongolian National Radio Program 1, Mongolian National Radio Program 2 and "Lavain Egshig" Radio.

Satellite link

DDishTV uses Apstar 5 a.k.a. Telstar 18 to broadcast its programmes. Telstar 18 was launched in June 2004 by Sea Launch, as a replacement satellite for APSTAR-I. It has an estimated operational lifetime of over 15 years.

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