Cyw logo
Network S4C
Launched 23 June 2008
Country of origin United Kingdom (Wales)
(programming within from various sources)
Format Children's programming block
Running time 6.5 hours

Cyw (Welsh for "Chick", Welsh pronunciation: [kɨʊ]) is the name of a Welsh language Children's television block from S4C (Channel 4 Wales), which launched on 23 June 2008.

Primarily aimed at children in the 3 to 6 age group, Cyw operates from Monday to Friday from 7am to 1.30pm, and includes programmes which have been previously broadcast by S4C in the Planed Plant Bach (Little Children's Planet) slot, such as "Bla Bla Blewog (Ha Ha Hairies) Sam Tân (Fireman Sam) Tomos a Ffrindiau (Thomas and friends) and Bob y Bildar (Bob The Builder) as well as shows being transmitted for the first time in Welsh such as Dafydd a Bitw ac Owain a Henri, Heini, Y Brodyr Coala (The Koala Brothers), Rapsgaliwn and Caio (Caillou) and Ben a Mali a'u byd bach hud (Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom).

Channel presentation

Idents and graphics

The channel has a logo built of the word Cyw in the Elementary SF Sans font, the C being in red, the y in yellow and the w in blue. The channel also features 6 characters, created as part of the channel's global identity, which are used as short animated bumpers into programmes.

The characters are a lion named Llew, an elephant named Plwmp, a small fuchsia-coloured bird named Deryn, a giraffe named Jangl, a bulldog named Bolgi, and the channel mascot, Cyw, a small female chick.

Cyw is a commercial channel, in the same format as its parent, S4C, and thus also features a break bumper consisting of the word "Cyw" disappearing gradually off the screen. The end of break bumper is the direct reverse, with the word rebuilding itself back onto the screen.

Presenters currently are Huw Owen and Catrin Herbert.

The future

In a press release, S4C announced that the plan would be eventually for Cyw to launch as a standalone channel, separate from S4C, whose airspace it currently shares on Sky Digital. This is likely to occur after the switchover to DVB and DTT occurs in the UK in around 2010.

Stwnsh has since replaced Planed Plant, providing two hours worth of programmes, every weekday evening.

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