A drawing of the shell of Cylindrobulla beauii from its original description by Paul Henri Fischer (1857)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
(unranked): clade Heterobranchia
clade Euthyneura
clade Panpulmonata
clade Sacoglossa[1]
Superfamily: Cylindrobulloidea
Thiele, 1931[2]
Family: Cylindrobullidae
Thiele, 1931[2]
Genus: Cylindrobulla
P. Fischer, 1857[3]

Cylindrobulla is a genus of sea snails or bubble snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the clade Sacoglossa.[1]

Cylindrobulla is the type genus of the family Cylindrobullidae[4] and it is the only genus in the family.


The suborder Cylindrobulloidea used to be recognized as monogeneric suborder; in other words there was only one family in the suborder, the family Cylindrobullidae, and only one genus Cylindrobulla.

1996 taxonomy

It was treated by Jensen (1996)[5] as a sister group of Sacoglossa and placed it in the new order Cylindrobullacea.

1998 taxonomy

Mikkelsen (1998)[6] has argued that the genus Cylindrobulla actually belongs in Oxynoacea within shelled Sacoglossa.[6] This change in taxonomy was suggested on the basis of the similarity in many characteristics: digestive, sexual, pallial (= concerning the mantle), and the nervous system.[6]

2005 taxonomy

According to the taxonomy by Bouchet & Rocroi (2005), is the Cylindrobullidae the only family in the superfamily Cylindrobulloidea and Cylindrobulloidea is the only superfamily within the group Cylindrobullida in the infomal group Opisthobranchia.[4]

According to the taxonomy of the Gastropoda by Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) the family Cylindrobullidae has no subfamilies.

2010 taxonomy

Molecular phylogeny analysis by Maeda et al. (2010)[1] have confirmed placement of Cylindrobulla within Sacoglossa.[1]


Species within the genus Cylindrobulla include:


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