Curtis Circulation

Curtis Circulation Company
Industry magazines
Founded 1946
Headquarters New Milford, NJ, USA
Services Distribution
retail marketing
publisher support services
Parent Curtis Publishing Company (1946-1969)
Perfect Film & Chemical Corporation/
Cadence Industries (1969-1986)
Hachette Distribution Services
Lagardere SCA

Curtis Circulation Company, LLC is a company that is in the magazines distribution business. It is also known for lending its name to an affiliated company, Marvel Comics Group, for a line of magazines.


Curtis Circulation Company started out as Curtis Publishing Company's circulation department, becoming a subsidiary of in 1946.[1]

In 1968, Perfect Film & Chemical Corporation loaned $5 million to Curtis Publishing Company, publisher of the Saturday Evening Post, at the request of Curtis' primary loan holder, First National Bank of Boston.[2] Despite attempts to revive the Post 's circulation, and with the lack of a purchaser, Curtis Publishing shut the magazine down in 1969.

In 1968, Perfect Film bought out publisher Martin Goodman—owner of Magazine Management Company, the parent of Marvel Comics and other ventures—and made Magazine Management the direct subsidiary. It placed the other corporations as subsidiaries of that.[3] Perfect Film purchased Curtis Circulation that same year from Curtis Publishing Company.[4] Beginning in 1969 (and lasting until the parent's company's sale of Marvel in 1986), Curtis became the distributor of Marvel Comics.

In 1973, Perfect Film renamed itself Cadence Industries.[3] When Cadence Industries was liquidated in 1986, it sold Curtis Circulation to Joseph M. Walsh and Hachette Distribution Services.[1]


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