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Cuppa Coffee Studios (a.k.a. Cuppa Coffee Animation) is an animation studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Cuppa Coffee was founded by Adam Shaheen in 1992. It specializes in both stop-motion animation and 2D animation.[1]

Cuppa Coffee Studios has produced for networks around the globe including Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, CBC, HBO, ABC, MTV, The N, Cartoon Network and MuchMusic, among others. Cuppa Coffee Studios has won over 200 international awards in animation, such as the Pucinella Award for Best Special in 2006 and the Prix D'honeur at Annecy. The Studio is widely recognized as the largest Stop Motion Animation Studio in the world specializing in TV production. Cuppa Coffee also produces 2-D Flash Animation (Ugly Americans) (Bruno) (Bruno and the Banana Bunch). The studio is working with New York-based Archetypeme producing stop-motion music videos. Currently the studio is developing a feature film with David Duchovny.

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