Crayon Shin-chan: Action Kamen vs Leotard Devil

Crayon Shin-chan: Action Kamen vs Leotard Devil

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Release dates
  • July 24, 1993 (1993-07-24)
Running time
93 Minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Box office $13,615,340

Crayon Shin-chan: Action Kamen vs Leotard Devil (クレヨンしんちゃん アクション仮面VSハイグレ魔王 Kureyon Shinchan: Akushon Kamen tai Haigure Maō) is a Japanese language animation film from the Crayon Shin-chan Series. It was Shinchan's first anime movie released in 1993. It is dubbed in Hindi Language as Shin Chan in Action Kamen vs Higure Rakshas telecasted on Hungama TV on 29 August 2010, it was also released on DVD in India. It was released as Crayon Shinchan The Movie: Action Kamen VS Demon with English subtitles on VCD by PMP Entertainment.[1]


Action Kamen's 'Action Stone' has been robbed by Leotard Devil (Higure Rakshas called in India). Without the Action stone, he can't go to his world. So he chooses Shinchan and his family to get back his stone through the Action Card numbered 99 (the most precious card in the whole set of choco chips.) According to the plan of Action Kamen and Ririko, they make Shinchan's family to move to a beach so they can make them travel to the parallel world so they could help them to defeat the Leotard Devil (Higure Rakshas in India). Next day, they get a message of Action Kamen needs help to save the world from the other solar system's clutch through news & newspaper. Half of the people of Japan, Saitama Prefecture, etc. were converted into Higure people through a beam that causes all humans to become Higures. Higure people were just going to attack the Nohara Family to convert them too into Higure people. Then Ririko arrives and saves them. The Nohara Family were thinking that a film shooting is going on, but Ririko is able to convince them that they are not in their own world. Dr. North Kasukabe kept the Action Stone out of the toilet in a wrapper of toffee which Shinchan swallowed it during the absence of Dr. North Kasukabe and Ririco. (thinking it was a toffee). The principal of Futaba kinder garden came telling that Higure men are coming here and told run to the bus. Suddenly, Higure Man's henchman Tea Pack Man comes to get the action stone but Shinchan helps them to escape from him. Higure messages him and says to leave them. The bus was on the way, where Madsuzaka Madam (Shinchan's teacher) comes and gets all information about the Action Stone. Dr. North Kasukabe tells Principal Sir to get the bus to his secret place where they are supposedly safe. There, Madsuzaka Madam reveals that she is a spy from the Higures. Then, the Rope Ladies and their team arrives (Higure's trustworthy). Unfortunately, everyone gets attacked by the Higure beam but, Ririko, Mitsy and Shinchan got away safely. Shinchan arrived at Higure's place after defeating the Rope Ladies and called Action Kamen where they got a fight to save their worlds. As Shinchan was having the Action Stone, he too was able to shoot the Action Beam. At last the war ended and the Higures went back to their solar system and Shinchan and his family went to their own world. The story ends with a quarrel between Shinchan and his mom.


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