Cottage Life

Cottage Life
Editor Penny Caldwell
Categories Cottaging, Lifestyle, Outdoor
Frequency Six issues a year
Year founded 1988
Company Cottage Life Media Inc.
(Blue Ant Media)
Country Canada
Language English
ISSN 0838-2395

Cottage Life is a Canadian magazine focusing on cottage lifestyle content. First published in the summer of 1988, the publication features how-to articles, buying guides, tips and expert advice on all aspects of cottage life.

The award-winning magazine is published six times a year by Cottage Life Media Inc.[1]


In 1985, magazine founder Al Zikovitz and his wife were visiting a friend’s cottage in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada when they discovered the property that would eventually become their family cottage. They found themselves asking questions faced by many new cottage owners. Those questions led Zikovitz to his lightbulb moment. If he was asking those questions, surely other cottagers were asking them too. Cottagers old and new needed a magazine that would be useful and informative, something they could keep and refer back to again and again.

Three years later, in the summer of 1988, the first issue of Cottage Life hit the newsstands. The goal of the magazine was to enhance and preserve the quality of cottage living, and it was full of tips and ideas to make time at the lake not only easier, but more fun. It was an immediate success and quickly became the definitive source for cottagers in Ontario and beyond. It has also been recognized with more than 125 awards, including Magazine of the Year[2] from both the National Magazine Awards Foundation, the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors, and the International Regional Magazine Association.

The magazine’s popularity prompted Zikovitz to consider other ways to reach cottagers, and the company soon grew to include Cottage Life Television, Cottage Life merchandise, and Cottage Life Books. Then, in 1994, the Spring Cottage Life Show was born and has been held every spring since. In 2004, the company launched the Fall Cottage Life Show to cater to the growing popularity of winter cottaging.

Cottage Life is a value-driven publication that seeks to be the first source for cottage-related information, products, and services, and encourages environmentally conscious behaviour.

Cottage Life Show

Following the great success of the magazine, the Spring Cottage Life Show was first held in 1994 and has been held every spring since.

In 2004, the company launched the Fall Cottage Life Show to cater to the growing popularity of year-round cottaging. The show is managed by a professional team of year-round Cottage Life employees, dedicated to selecting the best cottage-related exhibits that bring relevant products and services to cottagers.


National Magazine Awards

Canadian Society of Magazine Editors

Regional Magazine Association


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