Corn cookie

Corn cookie

Corn cookie
Type Sugar cookie
Place of origin United States
Main ingredients Cornmeal, maize products
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A corn cookie (or maize cookie) is a type of cookie prepared with corn products. In the United States, it is a type of sugar cookie. Rather than wheat flour, which is commonly used in the preparation of cookies, the corn cookie takes its color and flavor from corn products[1] such as cornmeal.[2]

Like their traditional counterparts, corn cookies are often flavored with various other herbs, spices, and fruits including lemon verbena, apricot, and rosemary.[3] In addition to baking, corn cookies can also be prepared by using batter for making cornbread and cooking it on a hot griddle.[4]

Corn cookies have been prepared by the Sioux Indians in South Dakota due to the abundance of corn in that state.[5]

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