Cool McCool

Cool McCool

Opening titles
Created by Bob Kane
Al Brodax
Starring Bob McFadden
Chuck McCann
Carol Corbett
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 20 (half hours)
Running time 3 episodes per half-hour (30 minutes with Commercials)
Original network NBC
Original release September 10, 1966 – August 30, 1969

Cool McCool was an animated series that ran on NBC from September 10, 1966 to August 30, 1969 with three segments per show, running to 60 segments in all. It was created by Bob Kane – most famous as the one of the creators of Batman – and produced by Al Brodax for King Features.


Riffing off the then-popular genres of superheroes and James Bond spy adventures, Cool McCool featured the adventures of a hip, trenchcoated spy, who – as on the contemporary TV show Get Smart – defeated villains despite being comically inept. Villains included the Rattler, Hurricane Harry, Greta Ghoul, the Owl, Jack-In-The-Box and Dr. Madcap. McCool's boss was known as Number One, although his face was never seen onscreen; only his arms and a cigar were visible behind his chair (a reference to another contemporary spy show – The Prisoner, which featured a spy looking for Number One who ran the prison he found himself in). Number One's secretary was Friday, a dumpy girl who had an unrequited crush on the secret agent. McCool had three catchphrases: "Danger is my business!" "When you're right, Number One, you're right," and (after bungling something) "That will never happen again."

The show also featured a Keystone Kops-style segment featuring the adventures of McCool's father, Harry McCool, a uniformed police officer, presumed to have taken place decades before Cool's time. Harry was supported by his brothers Dick and Tom. Only 20 Harry McCool episodes were made, each one sandwiched between the two Cool McCool episodes per show.


Cool and Harry were voiced by Bob McFadden, while most of the other voices were supplied by Chuck McCann. Carol Corbett provided the voice of the female characters. McFadden modeled McCool's voice after comic legend Jack Benny.

Secret, Inc.

Harry McCool segment (Komedy Kops)

The cartoon is a flashback, supposed to take place decades before Cool's time. At the end of every first Cool McCool segment, Cool sings about his recent missions and that he should be like his father (a uniformed police officer who was even more of a bumbler), and the flashback segment starts. As the Komedy Kops are uniformed officers, there are no recurring villains.


Cool McCool's enemies. Although in most cases each villain acts independently (though Madcap and Greta Ghoul work together since they are a married couple), in the in-between sequences introducing Harry McCool they are depicted as all working together to try to capture Cool McCool (they are usually outwitted nevertheless).

Episode list

Show 01

Cool McCool in "The Big Blowout"

Harry McCool in "The Phantom of the Opera House"

Cool McCool in "Fine Feathered Fiends"

Show 02

Cool McCool in "If the Hat Fits... Watch It"

Harry McCool in "Horsehide and Go Seek"

Cool McCool in "The House that Jack Built"

Show 03

Cool McCool in "The Odd Boxes Caper"

Harry McCool in "The Vaishing Shoehorns"

Cool McCool in "Garden of Evil"

Show 04

Cool McCool in "Rocket Racket"

Harry McCool in "Here's Pie in Your Eye"

Cool McCool in "Queen's Ransom"

Show 05

Cool McCool in "The Big Brainwash"

Harry McCool in "The Woodchopper"

Cool McCool in "Shrinking the Slinker"

Show 06

Cool McCool in "The Box Fox"

Harry McCool in "Gym Dandy"

Cool McCool in "Bagging the Windbag"

Show 07

Cool McCool in "Will the Real Cool Mobile Please Stand Up"

Harry McCool in "Big Top Cops"

Cool McCool in "Owl on the Prowl"

Show 08

Cool McCool in "Sniffin, Snoozen, and Sneezen"

Harry McCool in "The New Car"

Cool McCool in "How Now Foul Owl"

Show 09

Cool McCool in "Caps and Robbers"

Harry McCool in "Three Men on a House"

Cool McCool in "The Romantic Rattler"

Show 10

Cool McCool in "Jack in the Boxer"

Harry McCool in "Fowl Play"

Cool McCool in "Love is a Gas"

Show 11

Cool McCool in "Who Stole my 32 Secret Agents?"

Harry McCool in "The Jet Set, Yet"

Cool McCook in "The 500 Pound Canary Caper"

Show 12

Cool McCool in "Fun and Games"

Harry McCool in "McCool Jazz"

Cool McCool in "Mother Greta's Wrinkle Remover"

Show 13

Cool McCool in "The Sombrero Affair"

Harry McCool in "Dog Tired"

Cool McCool in "The Moon Goon"

Show 14

Cool McCool in "Two Fats and a Fink"

Harry McCool in "High Jokers"

Cool McCool in "Rockabye for Rattler"

Show 15

Cool McCool in "High Jacker Jack"

Harry McCool in "Time Out"

Cool McCool in "The Wind Goddess"

Show 16

Cool McCool in "Hot McHot"

Harry McCool in "Monkey Dizziness"

Cool McCool in "A Growing Problem"

Show 17

Cool McCool in "Oh Say Can You Seed"

Harry McCool in "Green Dragon"

Cool McCool in "What Goes Up... Must Come Down"

Show 18

Cool McCool in "Birds of a Feather Flop Together"

Harry McCool in "A Lot of Ballooney"

Cool McCool in "The Box Popper"

Show 19

Cool McCool in "Owl's Well That Ends Well"

Harry McCool in "Goat Chaser"

Cool McCool in "A Tree is a... Tree?"

Show 20

Cool McCool in "The Whistler's Mommy Case"

Harry McCool in "In the Dough"

Cool McCool in "The College of Crooks"


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