Convergence (Front Line Assembly album)

Studio album by Front Line Assembly
Released 1988 (1988)
Genre Industrial
Length 69:31
Label Third Mind, Wax Trax!
Producer Front Line Assembly
Front Line Assembly chronology
Gashed Senses & Crossfire (1989)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Melody MakerFavorable[2]
Music From the Empty QuarterFavorable[3]

Convergence is the sixth album by Canadian industrial artist Front Line Assembly. This release contains all but two tracks from the Corrosion and Disorder releases, "The Wrack Part III - Wisdom", and "Aggression" respectively. The latter would later be re-released on Corroded Disorder.

Track listing

All tracks written by Bill Leeb and Michael Balch, except where noted. 

No. Title Length
1. "Lurid Sensation"   4:05
2. "Obsession"   4:07
3. "Controversy"   5:20
4. "Right Hand of Heaven"   5:46
5. "Conflict" (Leeb) 5:54
6. "Solitude of Confinement" (Leeb) 6:37
7. "Body Count"   4:15
8. "Die-Sect"   4:38
9. "Headcase Fargone" (Leeb) 4:28
10. "Collision" (Leeb) 4:47
11. "Concussion"   4:14
12. "On the Cross" (Leeb) 5:49
13. "Dark Dreams" (Leeb) 6:05
14. "The Wrack Part 1"   3:26


Front Line Assembly

Technical personnel


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