Commonwealth United Entertainment

Commonwealth United Entertainment
Industry Filmed entertainment
Fate broken up & sold
Defunct 1971 (1971)
Key people
Milton T. Raynor
Owner Milton T. Raynor ( -1967)
Parent Commonwealth United Corporation (1967-1971)

Commonwealth United Entertainment, formerly known as Television Enterprises Corporation and was also known as Commonwealth United Corporation after its parent corporation, was an American film production and distribution company active to 1971. It was headed by Milton T. Raynor.[1]

The company was sometimes considered one of the "instant majors" of the late 1960s.[li 1] The company also briefly operated a record label, Commonwealth United Records.


Commonwealth United Corporation was originally a real estate holding company formed in 1961 as the Real Properties Corporation. It changed its name to CUC in 1965.[2] In 1967, CUC acquired Television Enterprises Corporation (TVC).[li 1] Milton T. Raynor moved to California and became vice-president at TVE. Later, Raynor took over ownership.[1]

Commonwealth United Entertainment

In 1967, Commonwealth United Corporation acquired Television Enterprises Corporation[li 1] and was renamed Commonwealth United Entertainment (CUE).[1] In 1967, CUE produced 17 theatrical films and purchased publishing and recording interests.[li 1] The Max Factor family financed That Cold Day in the Park, a movie directed by Robert Altman which CUE released in 1969.[li 2] In 1971, CUE was $80 million in debt. The company's film rights, foreign and domestic, was acquired by National Telefilm Associates and American International Pictures.[li 1]

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