Claudia Troyo

Claudia Troyo (born June 20, 1977) is a famous Mexican actress known for her work in soap operas produced by Emilio Larrosa:[1] Amigas y rivales, Las vias del amor, and Hasta que el dinero nos separe.

Claudia Troyo was born June 20, 1977 in Maravatio, Michoacán, Mexico. Troyo started her career as an actress with the soap opera La Mentira (The Lie) which was produced by Carlos Sotomayor. When the producer Emilio Larrosa saw the way she worked he thought she had talent and would achieve many things as a Mexican actress, so he asked her if she could work for him and told her that she would have many opportunity as a famous actress. She accepted and started with him with the soap opera Mujeres engañadas (Deceived Women), and then year later she in worked on Amigas y rivales (Friends and Rivals). In Hasta que el dinero nos separe, she plays Susana Hadad, a very spiritual vegetarian, who is the main character's secretary and best friend.

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