Citizen Duane

Citizen Duane
Directed by Michael Mabbott
Produced by Carolynne Bell
Susan Cavan
Claire Freeland (co-producer)
Lucy Johnson (associate producer)
Jonathan Sobol (co-producer)
Written by Robert DeLeskie (writer)
Jonathan Sobol (screenplay and story)
Starring Douglas Smith
Vivica A. Fox
Nicholas Carella
Alberta Watson
Jessica Holmes
Donal Logue
Music by Mike Shields
Cinematography Adam Swica
Distributed by THINKFilm (2006) (Canada) (theatrical)
Shoreline Entertainment (2006) (worldwide) (all media)
Release dates
  • November 2, 2006 (2006-11-02)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Citizen Duane is a 2006 Canadian comedy film.


Duane Balfour (Douglas Smith) was born into a family of misfortune, in the prairie town of Ridgeburg. After losing a high school election against his enemy Chad, he decides to run for mayor against Chad's grandmotherRidgeburg's Mayor Milton (Rosemary Dunsmore), who has been the incumbent for a ridiculously long time. Duane and a homeless man are the only two competing with Mayor Milton.

Duane has a long-standing resentment against Milton because she approved his father's shooting by the police. His father had become violent while trying, without success, to warn Milton and the townsfolk that the town's namesake ridge would soon collapse due to heavy mining and insect tunneling.

With the support of his brother Maurie (Devon Bostick) Duane tries, and fails, to win the election. After withdrawing from the race he and his uncle (Donal Logue) drive back to Duane's house from Ridgeburg's ridge. The camera pans down underground, showing an insect removing a rock from a tunnel under the ridge. This triggers a landslide, leading to the implosion of the ridge, which Duane and his uncle see from the back of their truck. The next morning, prior to the election results being announced, it is revealed Mayor Milton has had a heart attack after seeing the ridge collapse, presumably since she realized that Duane's father was right all along.

Later in the day it is announced that the homeless man has become mayor with three votes, Milton's votes being deemed invalid and Duane having dropped out of the election.



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