Cinesite Animation

Cinesite Animation is a production and service animation studio based in Montreal, Quebec. It is part of Cinesite Studios, along with its partner company Cinesite VFX.

Cinesite Animation officially announced the launch of its dedicated feature animation division on February 8, 2016.[1]

The company is currently in development on a slate of nine animated films, scheduled to be in production by 2020; the first two will be Klaus and Riverdance. It is also working with 3QU Media, on a slate of family oriented animated films. The first of which, Charming, will be released in 2016.

Feature films and shorts

The first of nine films announced[1] as in development by Cinesite Animation are Klaus and Riverdance. The first, Klaus, written and directed by acclaimed animator Sergio Pablos, (Despicable Me, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan) and produced by Jinko Gotoh (The Little Prince, Finding Nemo), is currently in pre-production and will be co-produced with SPA Studios, Atresmedia Cine and Comic Animations. An animated feature inspired by the stage show Riverdance is also in development, with Ireland's River Productions.

Cinesite Animation also has a slate deal with 3QU Media, to create several animated feature films. The first, Charming, starring Demi Lovato and Avril Lavigne, will be released in 2016.

In December 2013, Cinesite released "Beans", to showcase its creature animation skills. The 30-second animation went viral, amassing over 13.5 million views on YouTube[2] and earning the opening slot in the 2014 SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre. The animated short also won a gold award at the AEAF animation awards.[3]

Growth in Canada

In January 2014, with the support of Investissement Québec, Cinesite announced the opening of its 27,000 sq ft studios in Montréal.[4] Its initial employment target was reached 18 months early, in August 2015.[5]

On February 8, 2016, the opening of Cinesite's Animation division was announced in Montréal, Canada.[6] In a 55,000 sq ft facility, Cinesite Animation will create a slate of original family-targeted animated films with Comic Animations alongside 3QU Media’s existing slate.

Also on February 8, 2016, Cinesite Animation announced the launch of Animate Montreal (Animez Montréal). The initiative, founded by Cinesite partnered with a group of associated companies, aims to help with upskilling, training and filling experience gaps, supporting the growth of the emerging Montréal animated film industry.


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