Christine Terhune Herrick

Christine Terhune Herrick

Herrick photo published in 1893
Born Christine Terhune
(1859-06-13)June 13, 1859
Newark, New Jersey
Died December 2, 1944(1944-12-02) (aged 85)
Washington, D.C.
Occupation Writer
Spouse(s) James Frederick Herrick
Children Horace Terhune Herrick
James Frederic Herrick
Parent(s) Edward Payson Terhune
Mary Virginia Terhune

Christine Terhune Herrick (June 13, 1859 – December 2, 1944) was an American author who wrote mostly about housekeeping.[1][2][3][4][5] She published articles in Harper's Bazaar[6] and was also a journalist.[7]


Herrick was born in Newark, New Jersey on June 13, 1859. She was the eldest daughter of the writers Edward Payson Terhune and Mary Virginia Hawes Terhune.[8]

She married James Frederick Herrick (1851–1893),[9] an editor of the Springfield Republican, in 1884.[1] They had as their children, Horace Terhune Herrick (1887–1948),[10] James Frederic Herrick, and a toddler daughter who died at age 3.[1]

She published her first article in the first issue of Good Housekeeping in 1885.[1] Her husband died in 1893 of typhoid fever,[9] but she was able to support herself and her two young sons through her writing.[1]

Around 1890,she built a home in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey she called The Outlook, where she resided for 13 years.[11]

She died on December 2, 1944 in Washington, D.C.[12][13]


She wrote over thirty books on housekeeping, childcare and cooking. Herrick also published magazine articles and wrote a book with her mother.[14][15][16]



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