Chris Stokes (director)

Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes in 2014
Born 1966 (age 4950)
Los Angeles, California, United States
Other names Christopher B. Stokes
Occupation Film director, Record producer, Screenwriter, Film producer
Years active 1995present
Relatives Juanita Stokes (sister)

Chris Stokes is an American record producer, manager, and film director. He is the son of actress Irene Stokes and older brother of Hip Hop/R&B singer Juanita Stokes, and is notable for discovering many popular singers, actors, and performers.

Transition to film and television

"I have always had a passion for writing and directing. Although I loved doing Music and music videos, my dream was to direct feature films," Stokes says. Stokes is still involved as a consultant for Omarion and Marques Houston's careers. "I felt like it was time to pass the baton down to the next generation of young music moguls such as Omarion and Marques Houston. They both have their own labels now which gives me the freedom to focus more on my Film and Television career."[1]

Stokes first became connected with Film and Television through the talent he managed. In 1992, Marques Houston made his acting debut in the animated comedy film Bébé's Kids, and received his big break as a regular on Sister, Sister in 1995. All three members of Immature appeared in the film House Party 3 (1994).

His first film credit came in 2001 as the writer and director of House Party 4, which starred Immature, which by then had transitioned to their new name IMx. He is perhaps most well known as the writer and director of the 2004 dance movie You Got Served,[2] starring members of his TUG record label. The cast included Lil' Kim[2] and Marques Houston.[2] The film opened at #1 at the box office during Super Bowl weekend with $16 million grossed in its first week.

He also wrote and directed Somebody Help Me and Somebody Help Me 2, two horror films. The first, Somebody Help Me, was released to DVD on November 13, 2007 and made a television premiere on BET on Halloween 2007.[3] Both were distributed by Vivendi. The company's second feature, No Vacancy (film), another horror, was completed in 2011 and the first of Stokes' films not star talent from his music career. It was distributed by Grindstone / Lionsgate Home Entertainment.[4]

Also in 2011, Stokes returned to the dance battle genre with the dance-drama Battlefield America, starring Marques Houston, Gary Anthony Sturgis, and Lynn Whitfield. The film follows a young businessman whose community service obligations require him to turn a group of misfit kids into a dance team. The movie was supposed to be in theaters in June 2012, but it was never released. (Cited by IMDB)


Year Film Role Notes
2001 House Party 4 Writer, Director Cameo appearance as "Ray Ray"
2004 You Got Served Writer, Director
2007 Somebody Help Me Writer, Director, Producer
2010 Somebody Help Me 2 Writer, Director, Producer
2012 Battlefield America Writer, Director, Producer
The Helpers Writer, Director, Producer
Boogie Town Writer, Director, Producer Not yet released

Christopher Brian Collection

In 2007, Stokes launched a clothing and fashion line,[5] the Christopher Brian Collection, which debuted at Magic (trade show) in Las Vegas February 2007.[6] The line featured Kim Kardashian as the principle spokes model and was available at Dash, her Calabassas boutique.[6] Promotional images for the brand featured topless pictures of Kim Kardashian wearing just the Christopher Brian pants.[7]


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