Chow Yun-fat filmography

This page contains the filmography of Chow Yun-fat.


Year Film title Alternate Role Notes
1976 Learned Bride Thrice Fools the Bridegroom 新蘇小妹三難新郎
The Hunter, the Butterfly and the Crocodile 撈家邪牌姑爺仔
Reincarnation 投胎人
Massage Girls 池女 aka Club Girl Story
1977 Hot Blood 入冊 "Ah Cheng"
Bed for Day, Bed for Night 床上的故事
1978 Miss "O" O女 "Kuan Yen-ping"
Their Private Lives 愛慾狂潮 "Ko Ming-chung"
1980 See-Bar 師爸 "Git" aka "Chieh" aka God Father
Pembunahan Pursuit 懵佬,大賊,傻偵探 "killer"
Police Sir! 係咁先 "Sergeant Chu Hwa-tai"
Joy to the World 喜劇王 "Yam Chung-lung" aka King of Comedy
1981 The Executor 執法者 "Ng Tao" aka Heroic Cops (cameo)
The Story of Woo Viet 胡越的故事 "Woo Viet"
1982 Postman Strikes Back 巡城馬 "Fu Jun" aka Postman Fights Back
The Head Hunter 獵頭 "Yuen Lik" aka Long Goodbye
1983 Last Affair 花城 "Kwong Ping"
The Bund 上海灘 "Hui Man-keung" aka Shanghai Beach
The Bund Part II 上海灘續集 "Hui Man-keung"
Blood Money 血汗金錢 "Bullet" aka Bloody Money
Katanyu Prakasit Thai film
1984 Love in a Fallen City 傾城之戀 "Fan Liu-yuen"
Hong Kong 1941 等待黎明 "Yip Kim-fei"
The Occupant 靈氣逼人 "Inspector Valentino Chow" aka The Tenant
1985 Women 女人心 "Derek Sun"
Why Me? 何必有我? "Mr Chow"
1986 Witch from Nepal 奇緣 "Joe" aka Nepal Affair
Love Unto Waste 地下情 "Inspector Lan"
Missed Date 初一十五 "Peter"
Dream Lovers 夢中人 "Song Yu"
A Better Tomorrow 英雄本色 "Mark Gor"
The Seventh Curse 原振俠與衛斯理 "Wisely"
Rose 玫瑰的故事 "Charles"
aka Story of Rose
aka Lost Romance
The Lunatics 癲佬正傳 "Chung"
100 Ways to Murder Your Wife 殺妻二人組 "Fa" aka Killing Wives Softly
A Hearty Response 義蓋雲天 "Ho Ting-pong"
My Will, I Will 你情我願 aka You Want, I Want
1987 City on Fire 龍虎風雲 "Ko Chow"
Spiritual Love 鬼新娘 "Pu Yung-tsai" aka Phantom Bride
Flaming Brothers 江湖龍虎門 "Cheung Ho-tin" aka The Flame Brothers
Scared Stiff 小生夢驚魂 "Inspector Chow"
An Autumn's Tale 秋天的童話 "Samuel Pang"
Tragic Hero 英雄好漢 "Lee Ah-chai"
Brotherhood 義本無言 "Fai" aka Code of Honor
aka Triad Savages
Prison on Fire 監獄風雲 "Chung Tin-ching"
Rich and Famous 江湖情 "Boss Lee Ah-chai"
A Better Tomorrow 2 英雄本色續集 "Ken Lee"
The Romancing Star 精裝追女仔 "Fred Wong Yat-fat"
1988 City War 義膽紅唇 "Dick Lee"
Goodbye My Friend 再見英雄
The Eighth Happiness 八星報喜 "Fong Kim-long"
Fractured Follies 長短腳之戀 "Joe Leung"
The Romancing Star II 精裝追女仔之2 "Fred Wong Yat-fat" aka "Big Mouth Fat" (cameo)
Tiger on Beat 老虎出更 "Sergeant Francis Li" aka Tiger on the Beat
The Greatest Lover 公子多情 "Qian-jin" aka "Nelson Chow"
Cherry Blossoms 郁達夫傳奇 "Yu Ta-fu (adult)" aka Legend of Yu Ta-fu
Diary of a Big Man 大丈夫日記 "Chow Ting-fat"
1989 All About Ah-Long 阿郎的故事 "Ah-Long"
The Killer 喋血雙雄 "Jong"
A Better Tomorrow 3 英雄本色III夕陽之歌 "Mark"
God of Gamblers 賭神 "Ko Chun"
Triads: The Inside Story 我在黑社會的日子 "Lee Man-ho"
Wild Search 伴我闖天涯 "Sergeant Lau Chun-pong"
1990 The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon 吉星拱照 "Lam Bo-sang"
Chow played two roles.
1991 Once a Thief 縱橫四海 "Joe"
Prison on Fire II 監獄風雲II逃犯 "Chung Tin-ching"
1992 Now You See Love, Now You Don't 我愛扭紋柴 "Ng San-shui" aka Now You See It, Now You Don't
Hard Boiled 辣手神探 "Tequila Yuen"
Full Contact 俠盜高飛 "Jeff" aka "Ko Fei"
1994 God of Gamblers Returns 賭神2 "Ko Chun" aka The Return of the God of Gamblers
Treasure Hunt 花旗少林 "Jeffrey Cheung Ching"
1995 Peace Hotel 和平飯店 "Wong A-ping" / "killer"
1998 The Replacement Killers "John Lee"
1999 The Corruptor "Nick Chen"
Anna and the King 安娜与国王 "King Mongkut"
2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 臥虎藏龍 "Li Mu-bai"
2003 Bulletproof Monk "Monk with no name"
2005 Waiting Alone 独自等待 "Ge Fa" (cameo)
2006 The Postmodern Life of My Aunt 姨媽的後現代生活 "Pan Zhichang"
Curse of the Golden Flower 滿城盡帶黃金甲 "Emperor Ping"
2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End "Captain Sao Feng"
2008 The Children of Huang Shi 黄石的孩子 "Chen Hansheng" aka The Bitter Sea
2009 Dragonball Evolution 龙珠进化 "Muten Roshi"
The Founding of a Republic 建国大业 "Yuan Shikai" (cameo)
2010 Confucius 孔子 "Confucius"
Shanghai 谍海风云 "Anthony Lan-Ting"
Let the Bullets Fly 让子弹飞 Master Huang
2011 The Founding of a Party 建党伟业 "Yuan Shikai"
2012 The Assassins 铜雀台 "Cao Cao"
The Last Tycoon 大上海 "Cheng Daqi"
2014 From Vegas to Macau 賭城風雲 "Ken" / "Ko Chun" Chow played two roles.
The Monkey King 大鬧天宮 "Jade Emperor"
2015 From Vegas to Macau II 賭城風雲II "Ken" / "Ko Chun" Chow played two roles.
Office 華麗上班族 "Ho Chung-ping"
2016 From Vegas to Macau III 賭城風雲III "Ken"/ "Ko Chun" Chow played two roles.
Cold War 2 寒戰2 "Kan Ngo-wai" [1]

Television series

Year Series title Alternate Role Episodes Notes
1974 Chinese Folklore: God of River Lok 民間傳奇系列:洛神
1975 Chinese Folklore: Dream of the Red Chamber 民間傳奇系列:紅樓夢
Little Women
Broken Pieces 片斷
Beautiful Ladies
1976 Seven Women
Lady Yang
Hotel 狂潮
aka Mad Tide, Raging Tides
The Killer I 大江南北
aka Hitman 72 Hours
The Itinerant Boy 江湖小子
aka The Vagabond
1977 A House Is Not a Home 家變
aka Family Change
Thirteen - 4 - Suffocation
1978 The Giants 強人
aka Powerful People
Conflict 奮鬥
aka Ancient Battle
Mystery Beyond Chow appeared in 3 episodes
Vanity Fair
The Heated Wave of Youth
1979 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 網中人 Ching Wai
aka Man in the Net
Over the Rainbow 天虹
The Landlord
Man From Hong Kong
aka Dragon Lake Heroes
When a Woman is 30
1980 The Bund 上海灘 Hui Man-keung
aka Shanghai Tan
aka Shanghai Beach
The Brothers 親情
aka Family Feelings
Seekers 前路
aka The Road Ahead
1981 Good Old Times 鱷魚潭
aka Alligator Pool
The Shell Game II 千王群英會
1982 The Fate 火鳳凰
aka Flaming Phoenix
The Legend of Master So 蘇乞兒 "So Chan"
The Maverick
1983 The Radio Tycoon 播音人 "Wai Yip-cheung"
Angels and Devils 北斗雙雄 "Yue Fan"
The Superpower 天降財神 "Tin Yat"
1984 The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 笑傲江湖 "Linghu Chong"
aka State of Divinity
1985 The Battle Among the Clans 大香港 "Lok Chung-hing"
aka Big Hong Kong
Police Cadet '85 新紮師兄第 II
aka Police Cadet II
1986 The Yang's Saga 楊家將 "Lu Dongbin", one of the Eight Immortals
1987 Small and Alone in the World



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