Chime bar

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A set of nine chime bars, tuned diatonically

A chime bar or resonator bell[1] is a percussion instrument consisting of a tuned metal bar similar to a glockenspiel bar, with each bar mounted on its own wooden resonator.[2] [3] Chime bars are played with mallets again similar to a glockenspiel.

The sound is similar to a glockenspiel, but with much more sustain, similar in this respect to a vibraphone but without the vibrato.

Chime bars can be arranged on a table to be played by a single player, or played by a group in a similar fashion to handbells, with each member holding a chime in one hand and a mallet in the other. They are used from professional music to classrooms. [4]

A single chime in G 
The same chime disassembled to show the resonator and mounting 

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