CHV's current logo since 2015
Launched November 4, 1960[1]
Owned by

Turner Broadcasting System Latin America (Time Warner)(2010-prezent)

Claxson Interactive Group(2000-2005)
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
480i (SDTV)
Audience share 15.0% (May, 2005, )
Slogan Real TV
Country Chile
Language Spanish
Broadcast area Chile
Headquarters Santiago, Chile
Formerly called Canal 9 de Televisión de la Universidad de Chile (1960-1980)
Teleonce (1980-1984)
Universidad de Chile Televisión (1984-1991)
Red de Televisión de la Universidad de Chile(1991-1993)
Sister channel(s) TNT
TNT Series
Warner Channel
Cartoon Network
TBS Very Funny
Much Music
CNN en Español
CNN Chile
Digital ISDB-Tb (Santiago) Channel 30
Analog (Santiago) Channel 11
DirecTV Channel 151 (Chile)

Chilevisión is the third oldest Chilean television network. Formerly called Canal 9 de Televisión de la Universidad de Chile, Teleonce (Universidad de Chile Televisión) and RTU (Red de Televisión de la Universidad de Chile), this TV station was owned by Universidad de Chile, a Chilean state university. This educational institution sold a significant percentage of its TV channel to Venevisión, changing its name to Chilevisión. It was later sold to Claxson Multimedia Group and then to Chilean investor and ex-president Sebastián Piñera.

On August 28, 2010, it was announced that Turner Broadcasting System Latin America had reached an agreement to purchase it. This assets do not include the analog television channel frequency which is still owned by Universidad de Chile and is used under a paid usufruct scheme, similar to a lease. This contract expires in 2018 and only affects the analog frequencies used by the station. On October 6, 2010 the purchase was materialized.[2]


The channel mainly airs celebrity gossip shows, talk shows, news, Latin American telenovelas, and anime. It currently ranks 3rd in TV viewership in the country behind TVN and Mega (in that order).

Currently the most important programs of the TV station are La mañana de Chilevisión, Chilevisión News, La Jueza and Primer Plano.

Availability overseas

Chilevisión International is the international network of Chilevisión that broadcasts 'the best of Chilevisión' to audiences in Australia/Oceania. The channel launched in October 2007 in Australia and the following year in New Zealand on UBI World TV. The TVN-owned TV Chile cable channel also broadcasts limited Chilevisión programming throughout Central and North America for the Chilean diaspora.

Chilevisión also reaches Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, continental Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay through the Brazilian satellite Estrela do Sul.


In 2012, Chilevisión has been the focus of a controversy over journalistic ethics. On January 16, 2012 aired an interview that the interviewee appeared, Inés Perez,[3] as a deeply class. The interview produced strong reactions, even leading to the creation of social networking groups against the affected woman. Two days later it knew the full interview, and the reactions were returned against the broadcaster, because it expressed concern Pérez discriminated assumptions and puts everything in context. In response, the broadcaster defended the veracity of the interview and dismissed the officer who leaked the full video, causing even more adverse reactions among viewers.


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