Cheng Gwan-min

Cheng Gwan Min
Chinese name 君綿
Chinese name 鄭君綿 (traditional)
Chinese name 郑君绵 (simplified)
Pinyin zhèng jūn miàn (Mandarin)
Jyutping cheng4 gwaan1 meen2 (Cantonese)
Born 1917
British Hong Kong
Died August 1994
British Hong Kong
Occupation Actor
Years active 1937–1994
Ancestry Bao'an, Guangdong

Cheng Gwan Min (1917–1994) was a Hong Kong TVB actor. He died in China at the age of 78, reportedly from lung cancer. A native of Baoan county, Guangdong province, Cheng was once a theatre actor and broadcaster. In 1936, he made his debut in The Three-Day Massacre in Guangzhou in Guangzhou. During his long career of more than half a century, he made more than 200 films, mostly Cantonese.

A skilful imitator of singers from the East and the West, Cheng had numerous albums and performed Cantonese opera and musicals. He earned himself a nickname "Elvis Presley of the East".

From the 1970s onwards, he became a host of the classic variety show Enjoy Yourself Tonight, with occasional guest appearances in films.


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