Charles Palissot de Montenoy

Charles Palissot de Montenoy
Born 3 January 1730
Died 15 June 1814(1814-06-15) (aged 84)
Occupation Playwright

Charles Palissot de Montenoy (3 January 1730 – 15 June 1814) was a little known 18th-century French playwright, admirer and disciple of Voltaire and Antoine de Rivarol, but paradoxically often denounced as a Counter-Enlightenment opponent to the parti philosophique, especially for his critic of Diderot and the Encyclopédistes. He is the author of the comedy, Les Philosophes, which was a huge success and caused a scandal in 1760.


Palissot's works were collected in three more or less complete editions: one published in Liege in 1777 at Plomteux, 6 vol. in-8° to which a seventh volume was added in 1779 with the publication of the second edition ; the third by the printingpress of Monsieur, in 1788, 4 volumes in-8° ; the last one published under the eyes of the author, in Paris, Chez Collin 1809, 6 volumes. in-8°.

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