Chakra: The Invincible

Chakra: The Invincible
Genre Action/Adventure
Science fiction
Written by
Directed by Sharad Devarajan
Voices of
  • Dana Simmone
  • Aditi Narayanan
  • Dave Simmons
  • Gino Bori
  • Jim O'Brien
  • Jacquie Floyd
  • Dion Clark
  • Joel Porter
  • Stan Lee
  • Dominic Chiudoni
  • Katie Terpstra
Theme music composer Siddharth Coutto
  • Dominic Chiudoni
  • Pierre Gerwig Langer
  • Lynn Publishing
  • Mark John Petrie
Country of origin India
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s)
  • Stan Lee
  • Sharad Devarajan
  • Gill Champion
  • Gotham Chopra
  • Uttam Pal Singh (for Cartoon Network India)
  • Nick Timmerman
  • Jeevan J.Kang and Ashwin Pande (co-producers)
Editor(s) Ryan Casebolt
Running time 65 minutes
Production company(s)
Original network Cartoon Network (India)
Original release
  • November 30, 2013 (2013-11-30)

Chakra: The Invincible is an Indian animated superhero film based on the main character created by Stan Lee, with Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra.[1] It aired in English and Hindi, but also in Tamil and Telugu. The movie is produced by Graphic India and POW! Entertainment, and was premiered on Cartoon Network channel on 30 November 2013. Its run-time is 65 minutes, and was expected to reach 34 million households in India which have access to Cartoon Network India channel.


The movie features Raju Rai, a young Indian boy living in Mumbai, India. Raju's mentor, the scientist Dr. Singh, develops a technological suit that weaponizes all the Chakras in the body. Raju uses its powers to be a superhero and vows to use the suit to protect and serve Mumbai as he battles super-villains.


Stan Lee, in association with Graphic India and POW! Entertainment, is releasing comic books, games and toys based on superhero Chakra.[2]


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